Sales Associate Job Description

A sales associate usually provides information of the different products and services that they provide to clients.

He or she develops ways in order to keep the client’s relationship with the sales company intact. He also aims to increase the number of clients that the company has, improving the sales and increasing the profit of the company.

Specific Duties of a Sales Associate

Basically, the sales associate must always meet the personal sales target and exceed it as much as possible. He initiates and negotiates with prospective customers and maintains the key clients. He coordinates with the marketing team in order to increase the clients of the company. He is also in charge of making the company visible thru social events and network gatherings. He must be able to publicize the company in the best way that he can. He must be able to give creative inputs, solutions and ideas to the management team, most especially during organizational offerings. Lastly, he should develop sales plans and complete monthly and quarterly reports if necessary.

Qualifications and Skills

A sales associate must be a graduate of sales marketing or any related course. He should possess high verbal and written communication skills and must deliver good rapport. He should be able to present himself and the products of the company simply and convincingly in order to get more customers. He should also have exceptional skills in customer service and must be able to manage his time effectively. He must also be able to prepare sales proposals and presentations, and must always be pro-active. Most importantly, he should be able to keep good relationships with clients, as well as keep the working environment friendly and fun.

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