Telemarketer Job Description

by Publishing Team on August 24, 2010

The job of a telemarketer includes order confirmation for new business and speaking with existing customers as well as prospective to increase the amount of profit generated by the business unit.

The Telemarketer works closely with a field representative, or relies on generated leads to foster new-business and existing business relationships. Telemarketers conduct business transactions strictly by phone. A telemarketer functions as a primary business developer by providing qualified sales leads to the team to ensure that the new-business requirements are met in accordance to the company growth targets.

The Telemarketer must be able to do the following task in their job function:

  • The Telemarketer is responsible for all follow up calls made to potential and existing clients. These can be categorized as sales attempts or verification of previous purchases as well as performing customer relations retentions by simple courtesy calls to maintain business with customers who recently purchased or signed on with the business unit.
  • The Telemarketer works with a sales or production unit, ensuring the retention of current clients and procuring new business through telephone recruitment and verification. As a telemarketer you must be able to use your customer service and sales skills to land new customers while providing reliable information and outstanding rapport.

Skills that Telemarketer should posses:

  • The telemarketer should have excellent communication skills, with the ability to adjust the tone and mood of conversation depending on the communication aptitude of the prospective client. They should also be familiar with how to use features and benefits to sell a product or maintain customer subscription and patronage.
  • The Telemarketer should be skilled in sales and customer retention mechanisms from previous jobs, with knowledge on up selling, save the sale and Features and Benefits selling principles.
  • Work Related Expectations:

    • A Telemarketer is expected to have strong problem solving skills, capable of coming up with creative approaches to save a sale and maintain customer patronage in a short period of time.
    • The Telemarketer should be knowledgeable in the navigation and use of CRM software.
      The Telemarketer is expected to represent the company as a professional and work well with personnel and external contacts in a satisfactory demeanor that achieves business goals.

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