Sanitation and Disposal

Janitorial Services Job Description

April 26, 2011

Imagine the world without janitors. Surroundings would be full of dirt, lot of garbage around and all things topsy-turvy. Janitors make our surroundings clean. They are responsible for keeping their areas blemished and cleansed. They do the general cleaning, electricity check and even ensuring safety by locking doors and closing lockers. Freeing establishments of hazards […]

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Janitorial Work Job Description

April 12, 2011

Most people are already familiar with janitorial jobs as they are mostly seen in various workplaces. However, their duties can be different and mostly depends on where they work. The main objective of a janitorial work is to keep buildings clean and neat. What is Janitorial Work? Janitorial personnel are also known as building custodians. […]

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Janitress Job Description

April 11, 2011

Cleanliness – is the presence of beauty because of the absence of dirt, garbage and any bad smells. In any building, whether it’s a company, corporation or a school, cleanliness must always be maintained and looked after. As the saying goes, “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”. But in these buildings, professionals have their own work […]

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Hotel Housekeeper Job Description

October 25, 2010

The Hotel Housekeeper ensures a clean, neat and sanitized hotel room for the guests. The Primary Objectives of a Hotel Housekeeper: The Hotel Housekeeper primary objective is to keep the rooms of the guests clean all the time. The Hotel Housekeeper primary objective is to do additional cleaning service upon the request of the guests. […]

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Building Or Facility Assistant Job Description

August 12, 2010

Building or Facility Assistants usually work under the supervision of a facilities manager. They assist in maintaining office buildings and all their systems and grounds. Their duties typically include changing light bulbs, fixing broken office chairs and desks, ensuring fire safety, controlling and regulating the HVAC system, assisting with maintaining the elevator and attending to […]

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Pipe-layer Helpers Job Description

June 15, 2010

The Pipe-layer Helper is the one who helps the plumbers, pipefitters, steamfitters, or Pipe-layers by performing duties of lesser skill.The duties of the Pipe-layer include using, supplying or holding materials or tools, and clean-up work areas’ and equipment. Duties: The Pipe-layer Helper assists plumbers by performing rough-ins, repairing and replacing fixtures, and locating and repairing […]

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Industrial Truck and Tractor Operators Job Description

June 10, 2010

The Industrial Truck and Tractor Operators job function is to operate industrial trucks or tractors equipped to move materials around a warehouse, storage yard, factory, construction site, or similar location. Duties: The Industrial Truck and Tractor Operators inspect product load for accuracy, and safely move it around the warehouse or facility to ensure timely and […]

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Tree Pruners Job Description

May 11, 2010

The Tree Pruner cuts away dead or excess branches from trees or shrubs to maintain right-of-way for roads, sidewalks, or utilities, or to improve appearance, health, and value of tree. The Tree Pruner prunes or treats shrubs using handsaws, pruning hooks, shears, and clippers. The Tree Pruner may use truck-mounted lifts and power pruners. The […]

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Garbage Collector Job Description

May 10, 2010

The Garbage Collector job function is to collect and dump refuse or recyclable materials from containers into trucks. Some Garbage Collectors drive the trucks while others do the pick-up procedures. Tasks for the Garbage Collector The Garbage Collector inspects trucks prior to beginning routes to ensure safe operating conditions. The Garbage Collector refuels trucks and […]

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Septic Tank Servicers Job Description

April 27, 2010

The Septic Tank Servicers clean and repair septic tanks, sewer lines, or drains. They may also patch walls and partitions of tank, replace damaged drain tile, or repair breaks in underground piping. Tasks for Septic Tank Servicers The Septic Tank Servicers drive trucks to transport crews, materials, and equipment. The Septic Tank Servicers communicate with […]

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