Janitorial Work Job Description

Most people are already familiar with janitorial jobs as they are mostly seen in various workplaces. However, their duties can be different and mostly depends on where they work. The main objective of a janitorial work is to keep buildings clean and neat.

What is Janitorial Work?

Janitorial personnel are also known as building custodians. They often work independently in various workplaces and appear briefly in cleaning up unexpected mess then goes out again to work elsewhere in keeping the building tidy. Janitors have a huge list of job roles and duties to keep their workplace orderly, clean and running smoothly.

Duties of Janitorial Personnel

  • Janitors have to regularly maintain the building floorings like routine mopping and sweeping but their work usually expand beyond this. Floors of the building also require shampooing and vacuuming rugs, stripping and waxing floors. Preventative maintenance is also included in their job by making certain that the workplace doesn’t have any potential accidents that are waiting to happen like presence of loose pieces of carpet or liquid spills that may develop as a fall hazard.
  • Restroom cleaning is another very crucial part of a janitor’s responsibility. Obviously, bathrooms require regular cleaning and disinfecting. It is also the duty of a janitor to stock and supply bathrooms with tissues and other toiletries. Urinals and toilets must be kept cleaned including seats and toilet bowls. Mirrors must be thoroughly washed, sinks should be cleaned, floors should always be mopped and swept and trash cans should be emptied regularly. Janitors must also inspect for burnt light bulbs and must replace them if necessary.
  • Janitors should also perform general cleaning which includes making certain that all glass partitions and glass mirrors are clear and free from fingerprints and smudges. Office equipments, furniture and office walls should be dust free. All garbage should be dumped regularly. The building should maintain a clean and orderly appearance.
  • Janitors should also maintain a clean boiler or furnace room. It is essential to ensure that necessary repairs of the area are completed either by hired professionals or janitor. Janitors mostly do minor repairs with electrical connections, plumbing, cooling or heating systems that are easy to manage.

Condition of Work of a Janitorial Personnel

  • Janitorial jobs are mostly found where large buildings are located like schools, hospitals manufacturing plants, office buildings and apartments. Janitors who are employed by various janitorial companies may maintain and clean several buildings in a day.
  • Most janitorial jobs are indoors except for outdoor works like lawn mowing and snow removal. Janitors may either work on am or pm shifts. Janitors deal with chemicals agents for cleaning and some of may require proper diluting or mixing.

Educational Requirements

  • The requirement in becoming a janitor is fairly simple. A janitor must have the capacity to understand instructions well in both written and oral methods. They must know how to give directions using common language and manner that someone will understand you easily.
  • They must not have any criminal records and should have good recommendations from qualified personnel as to their reputation. Janitors work with many personalities and therefore must be able to communicate well with other people and have a harmonious relationship within the public that they are dealing on a regular basis.

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