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Geneticist Job Description

Because of science inventions and experimentations have brought us to where we are now. People have gained more understanding of anomalies and obscure things that were a threat to so many. Science it seems has endless bounds. Maybe in just a few years from today we will eventually establish that there really is another form of life other than here on earth.

What is a Geneticist?

A Geneticist is one who studies genetics per se. he studies the science of heredity and genes in humans and animals. He is also called a scientist.

Duties of a Geneticist

  • A Geneticist studies and performs experiments pertaining to a person’s heredity. He also interprets and analyzes its results.
  • A Geneticist executes research pertaining to genetics.
  • He conducts diagnosis and evaluations on managing a patient with a hereditary condition.
  • He may also refer patients with rare hereditary situations, congenital malformations and examination of mutation analysis cases to other specialty medical doctors.

Work condition of a Geneticist

  • A Geneticist may work as a researcher for a laboratory firm or a lecturer in a university.
  • He may also work as a Genetic Counselor wherein he advises the patients and families who are at risk of certain genetic disorders of its consequences and its character and how it can be managed and improved.
  • He may also perform his functions in medical genetics wherein he handles analysis of genetic hereditary conditions and studies its management of the case.
  • He can also have a career in Biotechnology where he studies biology coupled with technology, engineering and medicine. This job may well be involved with the production of food and drugs.
  • He can also be an expert in parental testing where a geneticist identifies a biological parent-child relationship of two individuals. He may work with a private organization or an agency of the government.
  • A Geneticist may also have a career doing DNA profiling. This is a method or tool used in identifying a person’s DNA make-up. This method is normally used in parental testing and criminal explorations.
  • He may also be employed in the field of microbial genetics wherein he studies genetic engineering and microbiology.
  • He can also have a career in the field of Proteomics. This field is the study of proteins including its function and complete structure. This job is also leaned towards food and drugs.

Educational Requirements of a Geneticist

  • A Bachelor’s Degree in Genetics or Biology should be accomplished.
  • A Master’s Degree or Doctor’s Degree should be accomplished after. Others usually proceed to medical school.

Occupation and Progress of a Geneticist

Since science has so many fields of study, a geneticist will find that there are several doors of opportunity in this business. Everyday people are in the business to find out and create. Being a geneticist is crucial in this process because his job is to establish a theory and produce an evaluation. Currently there are two basic things in life that people aim for everyday, and that is health and food. A geneticist takes part in carrying out the two basic needs of a human being.

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