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Microbiologist Job Description

Microbiology is the branch of science that deals on studying microorganisms. If you aspire to become a microbiologist, then reading this article is essential as it talks about the job description of a microbiologist.

What is a microbiologist?

A microbiologist is a biological scientist who studies small organisms that can’t be seen through your naked eye. It generally needs a microscope to see these organisms which includes bacteria, protozoa, viruses, yeasts, algae, fungi and other genre of microscopic organisms. Microbiologists tend to isolate and identify characteristics, cultures microorganisms and observe its reactions to certain chemicals and other stimuli present. They mostly study the development of microorganisms, how they reproduce and their distribution towards nature.

Duties of a microbiologist

  • Microbiologists usually specialize on how microorganisms respond to the environment as well as how they are affected with the outside stimulus such as food, agriculture, food production and industrial world. They also focus with virology and immunology.
  • A microbiologist identifies organism characteristics, development traits, habits of reproduction and how they are geographically distributed.
  • Microbiologists can also work in other areas such as marine microbiology, agriculture and industry.
  • Microbiologists with expertise in agriculture study the various microorganisms that are present in the soil and their significant effects regarding plant growth.
  • A marine microbiologist seeks ways in order to control the rapid growth of dangerous bacteria present on rivers and oceans.
  • An industrial microbiologist works in different industries such as chemicals, food processing and drugs. They work so as to control certain activities of organisms in processes as seen on wine fermentation and leather tanning.

Condition of Work

  • A microbiologist work in various areas related to their field of expertise. Many of them perform basic research in order to boost knowledge about life processes that are common in microbes.
  • Their job helps in answering basic questions especially those that pertaining to food usage and oxygen present in cells.
  • Some microbiologists work in medicine. They are called medicine microbiologist wherein studying the relationship between disease and microorganism is the foremost duty.

Educational Requirements

  • In order to become a microbiologist, degree in doctoral in crucial. You can enroll for courses with majors in microbiology and other biological science courses as undergraduate.
  • Those who obtained master’s degree in microbiology and other related areas like bacteriology are qualified for various jobs in teaching, industry and applied research.

Condition of Work

Job opportunities for candidates with either bachelor’s/ master’s degree in microbiology or any related courses are expected gain better opportunities than those with doctoral degrees.

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