Ichthyologist Job Description

Are you enthralled by watching fishes in the sea? Do you love eating your favorite fish recipe? At the same time are you troubled seeing garbage floating in the bodies of water, disheartened by the news you hear about fish kills? Then you are a perfect candidate to become an Ichthyologist.

Check out the wonderful world of fishes. Enjoy watching them swim in the vast ocean. Think of the great possibility of learning about them and do everything just to preserve this great creation that was given to us. Look at the job description and be inspired to be one.

What is an Ichthyologist?

An Ichthyologist is the one who devotes themselves in the study of hundreds and thousands of fish species. They solve the problems that this fishes go through by doing researches and experiments.

Duties of an Ichthyologist

  • Ichthyologists are the one who identify and classify fishes that will be used in museum collections. They study fishes that are related with their environmental habitats. They also make researches on how to conserve this fishes.
  • An Ichthyologist gathers specimens and establishes appropriate environment and diet to keep fishes healthy. They also breed species of fish to maintain their population most especially species that are endangered.
  • Ichthyologists are hired to look after the health and population of fishes and the condition of the environment surrounding them. They will help in the development of fishing regulations and management.
  • An Ichthyologist keeps records of all the researches they have done. They utilize advanced technology to help them with their work. Most of the research that they do in the laboratories would require them to use advanced machines.

Work Condition of an Ichthyologist

  • An Ichthyologist usually works in offices and laboratories where they conduct researches but at times they have to go to the field where they check fishes in their natural habitat and makes studies.
  • Others work in aquariums or museums were they manage the supply of fishes. Their hour of work depends on their work setting. If they work in museums and aquariums it would be based on the operating hours of these facilities.

Educational Requirements of an Ichthyologist

  • The minimum requirement that is required to become an Ichthyologist is to have a bachelor’s degree. But most of the employers would opt candidates to have a master’s degree or doctoral degree. One would have the advantage if they have education in foreign language studies and have an experience working in a museum or in an aquarium.

Occupation and Progress of an Ichthyologist

  • For one to be successful in this field they have the interest in studying nature and animals and most especially fascination with fishes. There is a growing issue of pollution and fish kill nowadays. Aspirants who have the training will have a greater advantage. We all want to conserve the population of this fishes. We want to look at them swimming in the sea or in aquariums, eating fish in our favorite restaurants and making sure that they will continue to exist in our environment.

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