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There are lots of career paths in the broad arena of science and biology. Some careers may immediately come to mind while others may not. One of the most challenging careers in the vast field of biology is becoming a mycologist. Below is the information to read on about the job description of a mycologist.

What is a mycologist?

A mycologist is a scientist who studies fungi that is known to be an independent organism similar with animals, algae, plants and bacteria. Mycologists study the mechanism of organism processes of poisonous, edible and parasitic fungi in order to discover organisms useful in medicine, industry and agriculture. They also study structures, physiology, classification, genetics, affinities and growth of fungi.

Duties of a mycologist

  • A mycologist is greatly fascinated in studying of fungi in animals, plants and humans.
  • Some mycologists adore studying mushrooms while others tend to focus on some scientific research regarding microscopic fungi which causes various problems for animals, plants and humans.
  • Mycologists also perform many researches and experiments regarding the structure of the fungi cell and the process of reproducing and how they develop and grow.
  • Research regarding the usefulness of fungi to produce foods and products is still being conducted up to the present.
  • A mycologist can also focus in studying fungi in plants and develop several ways so as to prevent harmful growth on many kinds of crops to increase the agricultural production.
  • Some mycologists are employed in industries that utilize fungi like yeast found in breweries. Medical mycologist studies fungi infections related to humans or the uses of fungi in producing drugs and medicines.

Condition of Work

  • Mycologists have lots of sub-categories. They can be employed at any industries, universities, governments and research laboratories.
  • Mycologist also spends ample time in the field so as to collect various kinds of specimens and perform research in their laboratories.

Educational requirements

In order to become a mycologist, a degree in biology, botany, microbiology and other related field is crucial. An advance study in any graduate school program is also necessary. You may look for universities and colleges that offer courses in mycology. Courses may cover biology, mathematics, computer science, chemistry and physics. In order to perform an intensive research about microbiology, a doctoral degree is mostly preferred.

Occupation and Progress

A mycologist is not a very popular career as few people loves to study fungi. However, this job will definitely lead you towards earning a good paying job as the average salary per annum is about $64,350.

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