Hotel Security Officer Job Description

by Publishing Team on January 3, 2011

The Hotel Security Officer protects the hotel, its guests, employees and the properties inside the hotel.

The Primary Objectives of a Hotel Security Officer:

  • The Hotel Security Officer primary objective is to protect the guests of the hotel from harm.
  • The Hotel Security Officer primary objective is to protect the hotel’s employees and the hotel’s properties all the time.
  • The Hotel Security Officer primary objective is to conduct patrols in order to ensure the hotels safety.

Having the right kind of Security is critical for the success of independent hotels. Almost every guest brings their valuables and important papers in their hotel rooms. Being in the hotel gives the guest some assurance that the guests’ jewelry and money are protected at their stay. Aside from that, the guests as much as possible sleep in a hotel and they must be undisturbed by any concerns of danger. This is the duty of the Hotel Security Officer.

The Hotel Security Officer works to protect the hotel premises against dangers such as theft, fire, and trespassers. The Hotel Security Officer also protects the hotel guests as well as the property inside the hotel. The hotel valuables and cash are included in the things they should guard. The Hotel Security Officer does patrol inside and outside the hotel. For large hotels, the Hotel Security Officer can conduct patrols using motorized electric carts rather than by foot. The Hotel Security Officer must stay calm in any tense situations and must be capable of taking the charge in the event that an emergency occurs. The Hotel Security Officer must keep a log book of anything that seems unusual or problematic situation that occurs. The Hotel Security Officer often acts as a liaison between police and hotel when something happens. The Hotel Security Officer reports to either the head of security or the hotel general manager.

The Hotel Security Officer is working in teams, by pairs, or individually. Being a Hotel Security Officer often has shifting work. The Hotel Security Officer’s working hours include evenings, weekends and overnight shifts. Working shifts for a Hotel Security Officer are eight hours most of the time, but it can be longer. The Hotel Security Officer has to spend most of his work standing.

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