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Karate Instructor Job Description

If you adore teaching martial arts, then becoming a karate instructor would be a great choice. Once you’ve mastered various techniques associated with the particular karate form, you may help and benefit others by sharing your skills and knowledge as an instructor. Self- discipline, patience and martial arts skills in becoming a karate instructor are essential in this kind of job. It is definitely a career where you can get a kick out of!

What is a karate instructor?

Karate instructors train students to develop strength, discipline as well as coordination. They are individuals who are knowledgeable about different karate moves. For those who are qualified candidates, teaching martial arts can either become a source of part-time income or a full-time career.

Duties of a Karate Instructor

  • The primary jobs of karate instructors are to teach students about the art of karate. Their karate class covers a private lesson or a teaching group.
  • They are also responsible in tracking or monitoring student’s progress in martial arts and oversee student testing.
  • Karate instructors may cover strategies in promoting student’s discipline. This may include cleaning or janitorial, sales, advice students regarding personal matters and training-related concerns, how to properly answer phone calls and tracking payments. Karate instructors mostly teach starting late in the afternoon and at evening hours.

Conditions of Work

  • Most karate instructors have a particular training school where they usually do seminars and workshops.
  • There are no specific major requirements that grant a permit to teach karate. Some karate organizations have specific training curriculum while others doesn’t have specific training requirements.
  • The only assumption known by everyone is that obtaining a black belt is the basic requirement to be able to teach martial arts like karate. This particular achievement typically requires 3 to 6 years of dedicated martial arts study.

Educational Requirements

  • Most of the famous karate organizations require that their karate instructors should continue martial arts training to keep them updated. They are also encouraged to attend regular classes in martial arts and pursue an advanced level of skill mastery in their field.
  • For those karate teachers who instruct independently, it is highly recommended to attend seminars and workshops so as to retain their sharp skills and keep abreast regarding the trends in martial arts.

Occupation and Progress

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics or BLS reported that martial arts industry may boost greater than average as it shows growth in the field of sports. They also cited the steady popularity of various games and sports activities as a form of recreation and personal growth.

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