Karate Teacher Job Description

Karate teachers teach karate, they are usually employed in a health centers or sports complex. On this job description you will know more about how to become a karate teacher and you will know more about the different requirements to become a successful karate teacher.

What is a karate teacher?

The primary role of a karate teacher is to lead group sessions as well as individual sessions and teach the technique of karate and self-defense. For some being a karate teacher can be a part time source of income as well as full time career. Being a karate teacher is not the road to richness but mostly it is personal interest in fitness and well being as well as personal safety, it is a personal choice of those passionate about karate and self defense.

Duties of a karate teacher

The main duty of a karate teacher is to teach students in the art of karate and self defense. Some karate teachers have their weekly sessions with a group as well as individuals. Tracking the student’s progress is also one of the mandatory duties of a karate teacher. Other duties are listed below;

  • Instruct karate to new and old students
  • Tracking payments from the members of the club or association
  • Teaching private lessons
  • Cleaning the practice area
  • Selling uniforms and membership through phone or word of mouth
  • Attending other karate classes to improve their skills
  • Advising students
  • Answering phone calls
  • Plan lessons in advance
  • Support the students and provide feedback of the progress of each individual
  • Give workshops and demonstrations

Work condition of a karate teacher

Most organizations require that karate teachers continue their martial art training and attend classes regularly to improve their skill in karate or other martial arts training. For karate teachers who teach independently they are also required to attend seminars or workshops and to keep improving their skills and stay up to date with the industry trend.

Working hours are usually different; there are sessions in the morning, afternoon and evening. If you want to become a karate teacher part time you have to get groups that will fit your schedule. If you want to become fulltime karate teachers, some have 3 sessions per day or more depending on your passion for teaching karate.

Educational Requirements of a karate teacher

There are no exact qualifications required when you want to become a karate teacher. All karate teachers should of course have the right experience and passion for karate. All teachers should be minimum 18 years some organizations require a minimum age of 21 years old and minimum high school graduate and has certifications to gain entry on martial arts clubs.

2 years of experience in karate is also a minimum requirement to become a karate teacher. Some karate organizations may have specific requirements or training curricula. Black belt in karate is also required and black belt can usually be acquired with the typical 2 to 6 years of karate lessons. It is also highly advisable to continue the training while being a karate teacher.

Occupational and progress of a karate teacher

If you wish to become a successful karate instructor and possibly open your own training center, you will to study martial arts and attain certification.

Developing your skills will take you a long way in the industry of martial arts. Creating a marketing strategy for yourself is also a great idea where you can have private sessions and earn more as an independent karate teacher.

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