NFL Kicker Job Description

The National Football League (NFL) may be the highest degree of professional American football in the world. A football team is composed of different members with various functions in the game. One of the best assets in a successful football team is by having a place-kicker. An NFL kicker must have strong legs and nerves of steel in order to boot field goals. They are only person who are allowed to use their feet in moving a ball. An NFL kicker is a very sports minded person.

What is an NFL Kicker?

An NFL kicker is a member of a football team that is only allowed to use his/her feet in moving the ball. They are called hero if they make a big kick but if they miss they are called chump. They have the knowledge in kicking a ball in different styles. A place-kicker is also known for their best goal kicks. The NFL kickers are usually some of the smallest individuals on the team.

Duties of an NFL Kicker

  • An NFL kicker is responsible in kicking for field goals, kickoff of the teams and extra points. They must make most field goal attempts.
  • They must apply their knowledge in different styles of kicking in order to achieve goals.
  • They must be physically fit in order to be capable of doing their work.

Work Conditions of an NFL Kicker

An NFL kicker is usually playing in fields. They are provided football gears and uniform. Trainings and lectures about strategies in making field goals will be also conducted. Overtime is also required especially when an upcoming football games is approaching. Ordinary practice is only 8 to 10 hours a day. Traveling in different countries for a game is also required. Every year they are provided new sets of uniforms and gears to compensate to its quality. Some trainings and practices may be conducted even if the weather is not in good condition.

Educational Requirements of an NFL Kicker

There is no particular set of requirements that are needed in becoming a football place-kicker. To become NFL place-kicker, one must make a good name in high school and get a scholarship to a good football college. After a couple of years, you can already make the NFL draft in 4 years. The applicant must also a college graduate, and must also be a varsity player of any football team in the specific university. Education is not really needed in becoming a NFL place-kicker as most athletic place-kickers in National Football League and the general managers will only care about the number of wins and losses of the applicant in his previous games.

Occupation and Progress of an NFL Kicker

This job is now very in demand because of its popularity. Many NFL place-kickers built their own businesses such as football training centers and football gears shops. Some of them also choose as instructors and teachers in many colleges and universities. Most of the best NFL place-kickers are now coaches of different football teams that are very popular nowadays.

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