Electrical and Electronics Installers Job Description

Electrical and electronic installers are often referred to as Electronic Technicians. These workers install and repair electrical and electronic equipment as the name so suggests.

Primary objectives:

  • The Electronic Technician normally work where private companies.

  • The Electronic Technician may decide to work in research and development laboratories, repair shops, or manufacturers that make electronic equipment.

  • The Electronic Technician can’t expect a salary range from $15.54 to $25.86 per hour depending on experience, training, and the place of employment.

  • The Electronic Technician can get training in electronic technology at many colleges and technical institutions.

The Electronic Technician works in many different industries across the country. Many Electronic Technicians work in the private sector or own their own shop. Some Electronic Technicians may install, repair, and service equipment in people’s homes or in other places where there services needed. Often, Electronic Technicians are needed in small appliance shops to install or repair appliances sold by the owners. Some Electronic Technicians prefer to own their own small appliance shop. Those Electronic Technicians who have years of experience, often like to work in laboratories for major corporations so that they can conduct experiments or work on more up to date projects.

Many Electronic Technicians write instruction repair manuals that can be used by other Electronic Technicians who are working in the field. Some Electronic Technicians, become teachers, so that they can teach other students how to become better electronic installers, and repairers. Some electrical and electronic installers and repairers work in the production of electronic equipment. Part of their job often includes testing equipment, making sure that it meets the proper specifications. This type of position is often referred to as quality control in the field. Technicians are often called upon to assemble some of the more complex electronic parts found in major appliances, machinery, and other products that require electrical parts.

Most Electronic Technicians attend a two-year program at a college or technical institutions. When seeking your first job. It is wise to use your school placement program to help you find employment. State employment services also helped graduates find work as Electronic Technicians. When you are not a graduate of a special school, state agencies sometimes help you to get a position that offers on-the-job training. In this case, you can apply directly to the companies that are hiring electrical and electronic installers and repairers. These jobs are normally posted in classified section of your newspaper or in job banks.

The possibility of advancement in the field is great. You have many ways to advance, become a manager or supervisor, or simply by owning your own repair shop. The Electronic Technician who has years of experience may be hired by a firm that makes electronic equipment or components. You have a chance for advancement with this firm with the more experience and capabilities that you show; your opportunities for advancement can only increase. You will find there are opportunities in advancement in teaching of electronics at the location of schools and high schools. Most Electronic Technicians, work a 40 hour week, some however, work more hours, or have to work night shifts. The employment outlook for electronic technicians is very favorable.

The private sector is providing the most employment for Electronic Technicians. The military is now becoming a leading source in providing employment for Electronic Technicians. You may also find that you can get better than adequate training in the military for the position of Electronic Technician. All branches of the military service provide training and school for those who are interested in becoming an Electronic Technician. Many young people today select this as their career, while serving in the military.

The high-level automobile industry trains or will hire Electronic Technicians to work in their laboratories, helping to create electronic vehicles. This is a fast growing field in electronics, being able to create cars that are run by electricity. The work that the Electronic Technician provides in the experimental laboratories of today will become the car of tomorrow. Electronic Technicians are also used in laboratories to create airplanes, boats, and other modes of transportation. The Electronic Technicians are used in laboratories to create household appliances for the consumer. Electronic technician are used in laboratories by many different manufacturing companies to help create and invent products for the future.

Degrees and Training to Become an Electrical and Electronics Installer

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