Equipment Engineer Job Description

by Publishing Team on March 23, 2011

Nowadays we should be thankful since our lives are easier because of the advancement in technology. The gadgets and equipments we use at home or at work make our work faster and hassle-free. An Equipment Engineer is one of the people who we should be thankful for.

To give you a clearer view of this career, go through this job description.

What is an Equipment Engineer?

An Equipment Engineers is the one who creates and works with equipments that produce, send out or use power. They would have to fabricate methods, tools and mechanisms that would change natural energy sources to something that can be used practically.

Duties of an Equipment Engineer

  • An Equipment Engineer would design mechanical component and systems, this would have to include choosing or scheming the drive components that should be incorporated in a mechanism, they also approximate the load and create load bearing composition in a mechanism.
  • Equipment Engineers surveys the design and makes plans and patterns that is based on the calculations. In addition they would have to re-examine, infer and revise some designs. They supervise and sometimes perform the production of investigational equipments.
  • An Equipment Engineers moreover, conditions the supplies and components used in projects and they meet with traders to get hold of prices and information about the product. They assess the budget for projects; this is comprised of the expenditure of employee and materials.
  • Equipment Engineers manages the overhauling and restoring of equipment. They would have to execute research and have to make technical reports and articles. To add more, they are also tasked to educate staff in operating the equipment.

Work Condition of an Equipment Engineer

  • An Equipment Engineer would usually work forty hours per week but this can be extended especially if there are deadlines that they have to meet. Most of them work in laboratories or industrial factories and they will be asked to go to other sites.
  • They can be exposed to heavy machinery because of the nature of their work. They can avoid this type of hazards if they follow the appropriate preventive measures. Before they are exposed to this they were trained so that they will know what to do if ever problems come up.

Educational Requirements of an Equipment Engineer

  • To be an Equipment Engineer they must hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical, Electrical or Chemical Engineering. Other employer may require a Master’s Degree; this would depend on the complexity of the available position. Licensure is furthermore required.

Occupation and Progress of an Equipment Engineer

  • One must have the ability to work well with a group of people since this Equipment Engineers usually work with a team. They normally have high salaries since they are working in a technical field. The greater the experience one has the higher the pay.

As Equipment Engineers have more experience, they can progress to a higher position that would entail more responsibility and more intricate task. They can also be promoted as managers or supervisors. Others would have to move towards marketing and sales and other would put up a business of their own.

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