Fleet And Mobile Maintenance Engineer Job Description

by Publishing Team on July 22, 2010

Fleet And Mobile Maintenance Engineers support the Maintenance Manager in the long term planning and scheduling of fleet maintenance and ensure compliance with approved maintenance programs that results to highest levels of fleet safety and least cost of maintenance.

Nature of Work

Fleet And Mobile Maintenance Engineers have the responsibility to control several aspects of fleet maintenance such as analyzing, forecasting and planning maintenance requirements in the future. They monitor long term maintenance programs and make sure that mandatory items are included to ensure that vehicles operate normally and that no items are omitted and prejudice vehicle and passenger safety. Maintenance engineers are responsible for ensuring that vehicle maintenance is performed at the right time and at the right place while minimizing delays and failures. They also provide information needed to direct specific vehicles to maintenance and repair shop as scheduled. They also monitor vehicle operational pattern and analyze the effect of these activities on planned maintenance work. They are responsible for assessing the effect of changes to planned maintenance work on the utilization pattern of vehicles and reschedule them accordingly to make sure that planned maintenance work is followed. Maintenance engineers are in charge of ensuring that all assigned maintenance jobs are accomplished within the established period as specified in the company’s preventive maintenance program.


Candidates for this position are Mechanical Engineers with experience in mobile fleets. They should have extensive maintenance engineering experience and have knows strategies for improving and implementing maintenance programs. They should have proven ability and in-depth experience in effective monitoring and compliance with requirements of a large fleet, as well as providing support and recommendations. They should have experience in managing a team, focusing on results and be able to prioritize tasks, work under extreme pressure, and good interpersonal skills.

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