Fleet And Mobile Maintenance Manager Job Description

by Publishing Team on July 23, 2010

Fleet and Mobile Maintenance Managers are generally responsible for all types of vehicles used by companies.

The fleet they maintain may range in size from a few hundred vehicles to over a thousand. They are sometimes called administrators of corporate fleets or directors of fleet operations. They usually have an administrative staff and are under transportation directors or company vice presidents.

Nature of Work

Fleet and Mobile Maintenance Managers are usually in charge of developing fleet administration standards and operating policies for vehicle use. They also prepare annual budgets and make periodic operating cost reports. They are also responsible for purchasing or leasing of vehicles and exercise control on the repair, maintenance, disposal and replacement of company vehicles. Fleet managers may also have the responsibility to implement safety and accident prevention programs, and driver’s manual to inform employees about company fleet programs. Many fleet managers currently work for large corporations or important government agencies. Most of them work in offices but they may also be required to work outdoors when checking and inspecting vehicles. Most fleet managers are given company cars to drive. Fleet managers can become transportation directors or administrative directors.


To become a fleet maintenance manager, a candidate must have experience in being a staff in fleet administration, car leasing or rental companies. Many companies may require candidates to have bachelor’s degree in marketing, science or any technical course. Fleet and mobile maintenance managers are usually required to have several years of working experience in a supervisory position and maintenance or administration of fleets. They should have extensive knowledge of auto leasing and rental systems, possess excellent written and oral communication skills, and interpersonal skills. Having strong computer skills can also help.

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