Geological Engineer Job Description

The Geological Engineer is responsible for the investigation and analysis of earth materials prior to construction projects. The Geological Engineer’s role is to make sure that geological factors affecting engineering works are identified and provided for.

Tasks of Geological Engineer

  • The Geological Engineer assesses the quality of soil, rock, water, and other natural conditions prior to construction
  • The Geological Engineer gives advice regarding procedures required in a development project and suitability of the materials to be used
  • The Geological Engineer is involved in site analysis and determines and designs the type of foundations, earthworks, and/or pavement subgrades required for the construction to ensure safety
  • The Geological Engineer oversees the development of specific contracts
  • The Geological Engineer assists in the design of structures to be built using specialized computer software or calculations
  • The Geological Engineer assesses the findings or reports given by construction engineers
  • The Geological Engineer reviews geological maps and aerial photographs to help on site selection
  • The Geological Engineer conducts ocular visits to new project sites
  • The Geological Engineer drills and analyses samples of bedrock/deposits
  • The Geological Engineer supervises or oversees site/ground investigations
  • The Geological Engineer tests construction materials
  • The Geological Engineer makes suggestions on the use of a site
  • The Geological Engineer manages a staff including other geological engineers, geotechnical engineers, consultants and contractors
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