Kats Operator Job Description

by Publishing Team on May 10, 2011

Every person has the right to live his/her life to the fullest. Each of us is enjoying the freedom to live given the same and equal rights, given the freedom to enjoy the things in this world. Whether born disabled or perfectly able is given the right to live. As we all know, the disabled person should be given much attention for they are the one who needs it the most. They may not be able to participate in physical activities and to be able to make some move for our society physically, but they are as just the same as the ordinary person. They may be disabled physically but their minds and their capabilities mentally are just the same as the ordinary person. They must be given the most of attention for they need it the most compared to those who are not disabled. If the normal person is enjoying the different gadgets and inventions to live their life more comfortable and easy to live so then, the disabled person then also needs to have some people who will be willing to help their living easier in a way that they will not be so dependent to their families. That’s why the “Kentucky Assistive Technology Service” also called as “Kats” is really a big help for them.

What is a Kats Operator?

A Kats Operator is the one responsible for the development of the gadgets and tools that are needed to make the disabled person live more comfortably. They are the one that is given the responsibility to help the disabled person in any ages to have a better life.

Duties of a Kats Operator

  • To make different gadgets for the disabled persons.
  • Serves the society regarding the use of gadget.
  • Demonstrates how to use gadgets.
  • They also provide long-term education to the person with disabilities of all ages.
  • To help the disabled persons live just like an ordinary one.

Work Conditions of a Kats Operator

Kats operator is usually an office- based work. They are engaged in making gadgets and assuring its quality. They are working for at least 40 hours a week. He/She must be physically and mentally fit. He/She must have the patience to make gadgets. They must be exposed to health problems or risk. He/ She must be willing to work overtime if needed.

Educational Requirements of a Kats Operator

It’s not that really counts, as long as you have the talent and the abilities to make such gadgets and different devices for the disabled person. Even if you are not a degree holder as long as you have the capabilities to make such needed devices you have the chance to become a Kats Operator.

Occupation and Progress of a Kats Operator

This job is a high demand in the society since their work is really relevant to people especially those who are having disabilities. It is one of the high paid jobs nowadays. It has a huge opportunity for someone to be engaged in activities considering the situation of those disabled person.

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