LGV Fitter Job Description

With great difficulty in finding jobs at present, any decent job will certainly go a long way. So many large manufacturing businesses are into expanding their logistics division to be able to reach out to so many other types of customers.

What is an LGV Fitter?

An LGV Fitter is a worker responsible for the maintenance of varied large vehicles. LGV stands for Large Goods vehicle.

Duties of an LGV Fitter

  • An LGV Fitter is responsible for maintenance of several kinds of vehicles.
  • An LGV Fitter is responsible for following a preventive maintenance plan for the vehicles in terms of change oil, tune-up and check up of its performance.
  • He is also responsible for repairs with regards to breakdown.
  • He is also responsible for moving goods by driving several of the vehicles.
  • He is also responsible for efficient preservation and safeguarding of all vehicles.

Work condition of an LGV Fitter

An LGV Fitter usually works around large vehicles. He is expected to have experience in terms of repairing and maintaining vehicles. He should also have experience in maintaining large vehicles. He should therefore have a driver’s license. He is also expected to have knowledge and skills on electrical and refrigeration systems in a vehicle. He may be expected to work long hours, depending on the necessity to move around certain goods in different types of vehicles. He may even work on holidays and weekends. He is also expected to work on night shifts which may include deferential night payments. He is expected to work as a part of a team and under the supervision of a Manager.

Educational Requirements of an LGV Fitter

  • An LGV Fitter should at least be a high school graduate.
  • He should have a National Vocational Qualification certification or diploma in Heavy Vehicle Maintenance and Repair.

Occupation and Progress of an LGV Fitter

Every type of business needs machinery and vehicles to be able to move around things through delivery. All retail businesses are need of vehicles as well as the big manufacturing industries. With difficulty in looking for jobs at present, seeking a vocational certification for this type of job will definitely be a start up job and eventually moving on to other positions with better pay. Although at present an LGV Fitter is receiving an average of $35 per hour in salary. Generally this is not a bad salary for starter employees. Eventually through hard work and dedication, a person may eventually be able to move up to higher positions in the company. This may be considered as a start up employment especially for those who did not finish their college education. This type of job may be considered among many who started their jobs being a chauffer. This may be considered as another type of job in the same category of work. This type of job allows you to work with so many other personalities. This will give you the chance to hone your skill in flexibility and eventually your leadership skills.

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