Lube Tech Job Description

When we encounter problems with our car usually we don’t want to deal with it because we don’t want to be greasy and dirty all over. To help most of us with this dilemma we would go to a Lube Technician. This may be a dirty job but it is one of the best way enter the automotive industry.

If you don’t mind having dirt in your hands then this can be a job for you.

What is a Lube Tech?

A Lube Technician is someone who is in charge for maintaining vehicles, oil changes and tire rotation. They check the vehicle’s fluid and do general repairs if needed. Lube Technician also check the status of air filters, tires and break fluids.

Duties of a Lube Tech

  • A Lube Technician is accountable for servicing the vehicles of their clients. They execute oil changes and checks in automotive vehicles. They are the one who change oil transmission fluids and preserving the standard of the vehicle.
  • Maintaining the dealership records and providing information to their clients and giving recommendations regarding their vehicles are also the responsibilities of a Lube Technician. They perform the routine check-up and maintenance of vehicles.
  • A Lube Technician also checks the fluid levels and tire pressure of all types of vehicles. They are the one who grease the bearings, inspect the repairs and renovation of brake systems. They make use of different electronic tools to find and correct breakdown areas like the ignition and wheel bearings.
  • To make sure that the engines of the vehicles are functioning well, Lube Technicians are the one who tunes these engines. They are also in charge of repairing and maintaining different service components like the air condition, condenser and carburettor.

Work Condition of a Lube Tech

  • Most Lube Technicians works forty hours a week but those who are self-employed may work for longer hours. To catch up with the demands and needs of customers, these technicians may work during evening and weekends.
  • A Lube Technician works in filthy and greasy parts. They may experience minor cuts and burns at times but they can avoid serious injury if they observe proper safety precautions.

Educational Requirements of a Lube Tech

The minimum requirement to be hired as a Lube Technician is a high school diploma. Since this is a hands-on job a college degree is not necessary. But to get have an advantage than other applicants you can get an associate degree in engineering and other related fields. Most employers would choose those who have experience and drivers license.

Occupation and Progress of a Lube Tech

  • In the coming years they are expecting that there will be a ten percent increase in the demand for this Lube Technicians. The upgrades in technology for vehicles will give new opportunities for the technicians most especially for those who have enough experience and have great skills and certifications.

For those who are working for their employer, they need to know their directives. They should learn new things and be able to apply this by paying attention to details while working in a fast-paced setting. They should have time management to be able to complete their work.

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