Lube Technician Job Description

A lube technician is working in a dirty job, but this job is a great way to get in the automotive industry. They are responsible for vehicle maintenance and light care like tire rotations and changing of oil. This job needs careful attention to every detail and must have the ability to easily adapt to new technologies. This job is also described as carrying out routine maintenance on vehicles. They must be physically capable of doing the job in order to maintain the perseverance of becoming a good lube technician.

What is a Lube Technician?

A lube technician is a person that is in charge of ensuring that a vehicle works properly. They are also responsible for checking the vehicle’s fluid and making general repairs when necessary. They now how much of each fluid does a vehicle need to achieve the highest performance.

Duties of a Lube Technician

  • A lube technician is responsible in maintaining dealership records and also in providing information to clients and apart from making recommendations about the client’s vehicles. He must also have a routine check and maintenance of all vehicles, including the checking of fluid levels and tire pressures.
  • A lube technician is also responsible for maintaining the vehicle standards and changing the oil transmission. A lube technician will also tunes automobile engines for efficient functioning and also maintains various service components such as carburetors, air conditioners and condensers.
  • He also uses different types of electronic tools to locate and correct malfunctioned areas in the vehicle such as the brake shoes, ignition, and wheel bearings. He is also responsible in removing and replacing automobile leaf springs, mufflers and tail pipes.

Work Conditions of a Lube Technician

A lube technician is commonly works in shops and companies. They must be provided safety gears and equipments that will be used in their job. They should be paid on time and also depending on the hours they work. Gears against dust and harmful chemical must be given to them. Overtime work will also be needed depending on the client and the task given by the shop owner.

Educational Requirements of a Lube Technician

To become a lube technician, one must a high school diploma. Post-high school qualifications are not a must. He/she must have at least one or two years experience in automotive engine repair. An associate degree or bachelor’s in engineering –related fields is required. Attending to a vocational school is an added advantage as you look for a job. The applicant must also have a valid driver’s license.

Occupation and Progress of a Lube Technician

Throughout basic engineering training and courses, you have the opportunity to cross train maintenance of good working condition vehicles that will gain knowledge in becoming a good lube technician.

If you want to pursue your career, he/she must be hardworking, more patience and is willing to learn. Always remember that success usually come to those people who do what they want. Since the technology in becoming more advanced and the discoveries of different types of vehicles, the employment of lube technicians will increase through the years. So if you want to unlock the door towards success, then don’t hesitate to try this career as the key.

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