NDT Supervisor Job Description

by Publishing Team on May 9, 2011

Nondestructive testing is a system used in all fields science and engineering to ensure release of quality products and services. This system also ensures safety aside from promoting superior class products. Nondestructive testing is a necessity across all industries and is a specialized and important department in an industry.

What is a NDT Supervisor?

An NDT Supervisor is responsible for managing a team of technicians in facilitating the analysis techniques in terms of Nondestructive testing. He is the head who oversees technicians in NDT testing methods and processes.

Duties of an NDT Supervisor

  • An NDT Supervisor is responsible for training technicians in the use of NDT techniques, methods and devices.
  • An NDT Supervisor is responsible for understanding all policies and regulations regarding NDT technologies.
  • An NDT Supervisor is responsible for examining processes and methods in connection with customer concerns and issues. He is responsible for giving recommendations on customer concerns to the technical department.
  • An NDT Supervisor is responsible for completing the staff of technicians, imposing rules and implementing compliance in terms of following guidelines and practices. He is responsible for evaluating each technician under his team and issuing disciplinary action if needed.
  • He is responsible for educating himself in the latest technology in NDT testing by joining group seminars and trainings.
  • He supports the head of the plant or industry where he is employed by applying concepts in improvement and excellence in management.

Work condition of an NDT Supervisor

An NDT Supervisor works in the laboratory of a plantation or industrial plant. He may be employed to travel where the location of the plant is. He is expected to be physically fit because this job entails long hours and possibly a need for concentration on specific tasks needed. He must also be experienced in total quality management procedures and policies. He must also be able to lead a group in terms of guiding his team to follow mandated methods in the system.

Educational Requirements of an NDT Supervisor

  • An NDT Supervisor should have completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering and Sciences.
  • He must also possess certifications in Nondestructive testing systems and processes. He must also have experience in NDT methods, total quality management and manufacturing.

Occupation and Progress of an NDT Supervisor

With the use of international organization certifications among all industries, top companies are into perfecting the methods used to create products in the market. As such it has been a trend in all businesses to be compliant with Good Manufacturing practices. This elevates the status of their company including the type of business they can actually engage in to. Larger companies are into hiring specialists to ensure total quality that protects the type of business they have. Presently, an NDT Supervisor receives an annual pay of $55,000 to $60,000. Aside from this, several companies offer other benefits such as paid vacation leaves. This position holds promise in the sense that work experience can increase pay grade and may also lead to future promotions. There are higher positions that an NDT Supervisor can strive for with hard work and dedication.

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