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Transportation plays a great role in our society. In our everyday life, business, work and almost everything we do. Machine is also one of the most important things existing in this world especially that nowadays people and places are highly industrialized. Machines are composed of different parts, and of the most significant is the engine. Engines, specifically is the one that runs motors or vehicles and machines. They are purchased in the stores either brand new or second hand. This thing needs to be monitored in every use, to assure that its working well and to avoid accidents. So just like man or people they need maintenance like fuel, oil and lubricants. These things are needed to assure that the machines or vehicles are working well. And this certain things should be manage by people who are expert in this field. Because of this, there is a job called oiler.

What is an Oiler?

Oiler is a job that is mostly shop-based work. It is mainly a work allocated for men. It’s not a white-collar job but it’s as important as of those. An oiler is responsible for putting or applying fuel, oil or lubricants on machines, motors or vehicles. An oiler is important since it helps a lot in maintaining the condition of either the machine, vehicles, motors. An oiler may not be a degree holder but his/her job is as important as those of the degree holder. An oiler is a worker whose main job is to oil machinery.

Duties of an Oiler

  • An oiler will be the one who applies or put oil and lubricants on machines, motors and vehicles.
  • An oiler is one of the people who keep and monitored the condition of the machine, motor, or vehicles.
  • An oiler is responsible for maintaining the run of the machine, motors or vehicles.
  • An oiler should assure that the machine, motors or vehicles is in good running conditions.
  • An oiler should be responsible for all of the engines where he/she is working.
  • As an oiler he/she has an obligation to maintain the company’s machines and other mechanical matter.

Work conditions of an Oiler

An oiler is working either on a shop or a home service based. He/she should monitor the engines of his/her clients. He/she is also prone to accidents since their working on flammable materials. But the companies are assuring them by keeping strict with the “safety first” policy.

Educational Attainment of an Oiler

An oiler needs to have knowledge about his/her job. It is not that important if he/she is a graduate of bachelor’s degree. An oiler must have enough experience with this thing to do his job effectively.

Occupation and Progress of an Oiler

As an oiler he can be the head of the mechanical department where he/ she is working if he/she is in a company. This job will be highly in demand for the following years. An oil job is expected to have a salary increase since there are only few of them. He/ she also can be the consultant of the management or the company regarding the mechanical department.

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