PC Technician Job Description

by Publishing Team on May 6, 2011

Computers play an integral part of our daily living. This technological usage and growth has resulted to innumerable types of careers. The job of PC technicians offers several job opportunities to aspiring students and builds an intense platform for future growth in the field of IT (information technology).

What is a PC technician?

PC technicians are also known as desktop support specialists or computer troubleshooters. They test and install computers, diagnose problems related to hardware, fix system issues, repair computers in homes, offices and computer stores along with servicing departments and in places with installed PCs.

Duties of a pc technician

  • PC technicians typically carry diagnostic USB drives, CDs for software troubleshooting, hardware tools, hand toolboxes, utility CDs with security internet programs and any other crucial software, Boot CD and applications that come with diagnostic programs.
  • The PC technician’s duties involve designing, planning and implementation of various computer networks. They usually test, install and connect different computers in their networks, diagnose and troubleshoot hardware or software problems, repairs computer and desktops in the office or at home.
  • Some computer technicians work in their manufacturer’s departments like in research and development. They replace parts, diagnose issues with personal computers and repair any hardware problems.
  • The PC technicians should keep themselves updated with new technological innovations. Besides having knowledge on computer related troubleshooting, the important aspect of PC technician’s job is to keep themselves aware regarding various operating systems like Linux, Unix, Windows and many other software applications which are widely introduced in the market with new and updated versions.

Condition of Work

PC technicians work in many different work settings. They usually work in large enterprises, big box consumer electronics retailers and multi location businesses with computer sections, highly-specialized computer market and computer manufacturers.

Educational Requirements

In order to become a PC technician, candidates should obtain an associate degree or any equivalent field. Some employers also prefer candidates with certifications like those that are offered by Novell, CompTIA and Microsoft in order to enhance their resume as PC technicians. However, some employers may also hire candidates with no formal education but acquire an exceptional computer and technical skills along with relevant work experience in any computer-related field.

Occupation and Progress

Full-time PC technicians or desktop support specialists may earn an average wage of about $40,000 to $50,000 per annum. However, salaries may greatly depend upon the state and the employer.

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