Plant And Equipment Maintenance Foreman Job Description

by Publishing Team on July 21, 2010

A Plant and Equipment Maintenance Foreman is involved in the overall supervision, maintenance and repair of various facilities within the plant, including buildings and grounds.

Persons holding this job are responsible for supervising skilled trades-people, laborers and helpers. Work instructions are received from an administrative superior daily or during emergency repair situations. Results and completed jobs are subject to inspection and approval by the same administrative superior.

Nature of Work

Plant and equipment maintenance foremen have the responsibility of directing skilled and semi-skilled workers whose duties include repairing, altering existing building facilities. They are also involved in tasks planning and assigning of other tasks to subordinates. They are in charge of periodic checking of work processes involved to make sure that pre-set specifications are maintained. Maintenance foremen supervise the repair and maintenance of plant equipment including mechanical, electrical, heating and plumbing fixtures. They also supervise ground and outside structure maintenance. They prepare work related reports about the repairs that were made, the materials were used and the costs incurred in completing these works.

Maintenance foremen are responsible for purchasing parts, tools and supplies needed for the maintenance of all plant and equipment, and are responsible for maintaining records and inventory of the same.


Plant and equipment maintenance foremen must possess extensive knowledge of current practices and methods involved in building maintenance and construction, standard methods in repairing facilities, including the manipulation of materials and tools for building and landscaping tasks. They should have planning and supervising abilities to handle skilled and semi-skilled workers. Maintenance foremen should possess knowledge in reading and interpreting sketches, blue-prints and detailed drawings. They should be able to do inspection duties to make sure that building maintenance and construction work adhere to approved plans, meet specifications and followed work orders. They should be able to work effectively with subordinates and other workers.

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