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Draftsperson Job Description

Draftspersons may draw a single part or a set of parts that when put together create a complete separate unit. They may draw using computer software for drawing a complex and detailed design, carrying out calculations if necessary.

They follow their drawings through several stages, discussing all design aspects with different personnel involved in the design until it is sent to production and the manufacturing process is began.

Nature of Work

Draftspersons are essential partners in any manufacturing business or engineering workshops. Engineers need their expertise in creating detailed drawings so they can explain their design concepts and production methods. Draftspersons produce detailed drawings of a product together with the necessary calculations. They are involved in discussing design requirements with customers, including components costing and sourcing. They are responsible for preparing technical plans and drawings that are needed by the production team to build the product. The drawings are the production team’s visual guide in constructing a product as they contain the technical details, specific dimensions, materials to be used and procedures for manufacturing it. They work in cooperation with surveyors, engineers, scientists or architects, using their calculations and specifications to fill in the technical details in their drawings. To perform their work, draftspersons use technical handbooks and computer software such as Computer Aided Design and Drafting (CADD) software. With this, they can easily create and store detailed drawings in the computer which can be viewed and printed on demand, or programmed into a system of automated production system. The CADD system allows draftspersons to modify and prepare design variations easily and quickly. There are many types of draftspersons, depending on the industry where they work such as aeronautical drafters, architectural drafters, civil drafters, electrical drafters, electronics drafters, mechanical drafters, and process piping or pipeline drafters.


Most employers prefer candidates for this position to have post secondary school training in drafting. Those who want to be draftspersons must have highly developed skills in drafting and mechanical drawing, high level of knowledge in drafting standards, science, mathematics and engineering technology. They should also have in depth knowledge of CADD systems. They can obtain the necessary education and training in technical institutes or community college.

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