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Enterprise Architect Job Description

An architect has a lot of types. One of these types is Enterprise Architects (EA’s). An architect is one of the most after professions nowadays because they perform lots of functions. Like any other field, enterprise architects begin to plan and analyze a company’s system that enables them to support its strategies. EAs work in several department of the corporate family. That is why most of the tasks being considered by EAs are more on technical issues and strategies. An EA must fully understand the company’s goals and vision not just the business per se. If you are interested with creating a change toward the trend in the business and you would like to be part of the most prominent architects nowadays, this may be is your opportunity to shine. If you think you can absolutely perform and resolve technical problem, then this is one job for you to grab.

Educational Requirements of an Enterprise Architect

A degree program on Enterprise Architecture is unfortunately not widely available, but there are some Universities or Colleges that provide specialized trainings and certificates focusing on the fundamental concepts, tools and practices or enterprise and architecture. When you are applying for an enterprise architect position there are no strict and fixed requirements, but of course knowledge and previous employment to other architectural firm is an advantage.

Ideal Required Skills of an Enterprise Architect

Communication skills is very essential if you want to succeed as an enterprise architect. As an EA you will be meeting not only supervisors, but also the stakeholder’s of the company. Fluency in formulating your ideas and expressing it is an advantage too. Aside from the knowledge that you will be requiring as your tool to success, confidence is also a must. You must also be good in determining problems and problem analysis because there will be lots of problems that may be arising with this kind of job. If you would also like to become an EA, basic knowledge on IT is an advantage.

Duties and Basic Functions of an Enterprise Architect

  1. Since EAs are working and collaborating with the corporate family, it is your task to create an IT model where it can be used by the organization in meeting its goals and vision.
  2. It is your task to train and provide your staffs with guidelines and teach them on how to use your system.
  3. It is your job to keep record of the company plans and strategies to expand the business or institution.
  4. Provide instructions and directions on how to utilize the IT system you formulated and created.
  5. They design new software system.
  6. They document plans and strategies that the company will be using.
  7. They solve and troubleshoot any technical problems or IT related problems that may arise.

Work Conditions of an Enterprise Architect

Enterprise Architects are well provided with technical tools that they will need to complete their tasks. Enterprise Architects are found in companies that need their skills and knowledge in coming up systems that the organization will use to develop and expand to meet its goal.

Salary Range of an Enterprise Architect

An average of 130,000 USD – 150,000 USD is the total earning of an Enterprise Architect. Your expertise and years of experience also plays an important role in a raise of salary. Also, the location and stability of a company where you will be working is also being considered in the changes of value of salary.

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