Fleet And Mobile Maintenance Supervisor Job Description

Fleet and Mobile Maintenance Supervisors are responsible for ensuring that the complete and proper repairs of equipment are done on time. They plan the daily manpower requirement so it meets the workload for the day.

They support team operations on all fleet maintenance related issues, and monitor/analyze possible opportunities to save on costs and improve fleet repair and maintenance procedures.

Nature of Work

Fleet and mobile maintenance supervisors are in charge of maintaining and repairing all company vehicles and equipment assigned to each of the company’s departments and divisions. They are responsible for implementing and monitoring a preventive maintenance program in order to make sure that all vehicles operate as expected and that maintenance and repairs are performed according to vehicle manufacturers’ recommendation and specifications. Maintenance supervisors keep and maintain an inventory system and record all expenditures, maintenance, repair parts and supplies, and other related issues. They also monitor and analyze each department’s vehicle utilization, enforce safety practices on vehicle operations, and make sure that employees undergo vehicle safety training. Maintenance supervisors develop and implement mechanic training programs that provide technical skills to maintenance mechanics. They are also in charge of all fleet services personnel and assist in developing the budget for fleet services; reviewing expenses for the past year and administering fleet services purchases of parts, tools and equipment needed for maintaining and repairing vehicles.


Fleet And Mobile Maintenance Supervisors must possess extensive knowledge of current techniques and safety practices in repair and maintenance of gas/diesel vehicles, including all vehicle components, the parts and supplies needed. They should be able to plan and direct skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled personnel in repairing and maintaining company vehicles and equipment. They should have a high level of knowledge and ability to diagnose, troubleshoot and repair vehicles and equipment accurately and quickly. Maintenance supervisors must have excellent oral and written communications skills and must be able to coordinate repair and maintenance programs, prepare related reports and keep accurate and up to date records.

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