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HVAC Installer Job Description

HVAC installer, in general, works usually under general direction.

He is expected to perform semi-skilled as well as skilled work in the operation, repair of the following systems: heating, refrigerating, ventilating and air conditioning. Add to that the maintenance of those systems.

The HVAC Controller is also expected to do the following:

  • to do broad range of maintenance and repair duties in the said systems for buildings, including boilers, pipes, air filters, thermostats, waste and oil indictors, pumps, belts, blower fans and bearings.
  • He should be able to operate heating and cooling tools through computers in huge and complicated systems at both centralized and decentralized buildings.
  • He should be able to troubleshoot, diagnose and do repairs re-programming the electronic and controls of the buildings through the schematic plans and by management by computer energy related software.
  • Supervise the contract compliance as well as the contractor job in the county regarding HVAC repairs and replacement.
  • Have good leadership to instruct in performing routine maintenance in HVAC equipment.
  • Capable of designing as well as installing new and innovative HVAC systems that are small to medium sized.
  • Do data entry that is related to the preventive maintenance.
  • He should be able to calculate the total amount of Freon that will be used in an air conditioning system.

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