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Installation Engineer Job Description

A lot of young and fresh graduates want to take the adventurous field of engineering where they either choose to become a skilled contractor or an installation engineer. Since there are tons of structural businesses and construction booming locally and internationally, the demand for installation engineer is actually getting higher.

Interested to apply on this job? Let us first discuss all the important details regarding this engineering profession.

What is an Installation Engineer?

An installation engineer is responsible in installing the CCTV, accessing and controlling the door electronic security system. His part on every structural business and construction plan is very crucial since he is the one who have all the access to its security system.

Duties of an Installation Engineer

  • Installation engineer is responsible for reading site plans, project meetings, job sheets and documentations needed for the preparation of necessary equipment for the specified job.
  • He is responsible for checking and maintaining regular maintenance services in order to make sure that the construction is working right.
  • Calls clients and inform them about the progress of the construction and other relevant information and details regarding the structural development.
  • When job calls, he is the one who is in charge of solving practical problems as well as in detecting and repairing system faults.
  • Installation engineer is also responsible for making those updates which the team leader needs according to the progress of the construction as well as the technical support when needed.
  • He needs to participate in every external site teams’ meetings and even within the company itself.
  • He participates in a call out rota that gives 24 hour, 7 days a week engineering supports and services to specified construction sites.
  • He is responsible in informing and showing the clients all the progress reports of the construction as well as handing out manuals.

Work Condition of an Installation Engineer

  • Installation engineer typically works in an environment that may have a high noise level. Usually he is require t work in field where climate changes is involved such as wet, extreme cold or hot temperature.
  • Occasionally he will be working inside the company’s office.

Educational Requirements of an Installation Engineer

  • Here are the general requirements for those who are interested to apply for the job: First he must have at least 3 year’s working experience with the CCTV or Access Control System. Must have basic knowledge in computer networking. Must hold a driver’s license and must pass a security vetting check

Occupation and Progress of an Installation Engineer

  • Most of installation engineers work in a construction company’s office doing manuals and on field works. Some of them also work as contractual for several months. If one wishes to succeed, he must then try to work with other certified construction firms that hold permanent offers.

Keep in mind that for you to succeed, you must preserver and be diligent on your choice of profession. Construction projects both in residential and commercial are booming and in just several years, it will surely ask for more installation engineers. So why not start building your pedestal of success by choosing this profession today.

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