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Locksmith Job Description

Locksmiths offer services such as installation, opening, and fixing locks systems. Making keys for offices and homes are the basic job of a locksmith. However, there are also many tasks that they can perform; repairing locks, creating new keys/locks for houses with lost or misplaced keys and they are the ones called for duplication and cutting of keys.

Duties of Locksmiths

  • Opens locks of doors with misplaced keys
  • Installs alarm systems ( mostly on public entities, malls, shops and business firms)
  • Duplicating keys
  • Moves lock pick
  • Drilling safe locks
  • Restoring worn tumblers

Tools Used

Most of the time locksmiths use hand tools to open or fix locks. Here are some of the mostly used tools by locksmiths:

  • Tweezers (lever tool used for grasping)
  • Rake picks
  • Snake picks
  • Jiggler keys
  • Pump wedges
  • Pistol Picks
  • Slim line lock pick (for reaching)

Educational/Training Requirements

  • A high school diploma
  • Participation in accepted locksmith apprenticeship
  • Surpass criminal screenings
  • Drawing Skills
  • Must take correspondence course in locksmith(optional but would be a plus)
  • Vocational Course (optional)
  • License (optional but a requirement in some areas)

Other Qualifications:

  • Basic mathematical skills ( needed for calculations)
  • Understands complex manuals well
  • Have communication skills
  • Good hand and eye coordination
  • Must be resistant to changing weather (working outdoors)
  • Able to do jobs even on small spaces (requires them to stay long in composite positions)
  • Ability to drive (for transportation purposes)
  • Mechanical ability

Working Conditions

Almost all locksmiths offer 24 hour service, the reason why they can be called anytime. Their working place would be commonly on shops, but oftentimes they can be seen on sites. Hospitals, schools, government agencies, and business firms are some places where locksmiths do work. Self employed ones work 40 hours per week (approximately 8 a day) or even more, since they are controlling their schedules.

Opportunities/Career Development

It is difficult for locksmiths to find employers; thus pushed them to work on their own. Often, they are self-employed (though some are working for shops), and offering house to house services. Locksmith that have the experience and proper training may advance to higher levels such as being supervisors of their own shops. Furthermore, locksmiths that are experienced in making alarm systems may receive high compensations compared to those who are just engaged in repairing door knobs and installing locks.

Compensations Received

Locksmiths receive average earnings of $ 33, 331 annually, but vary depending on the type of employment one is engaged in. Other employers provide great benefits, such as paid holidays, all expense paid vacations, insurances and plans. However, self-employed locksmith does provide benefits to themselves.

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