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MWD Operator Job Description

Fuels and oils are important in our industry today. With out oils, our economy drops down leaving us nothing. The oil industry supplies us fuel that we need to make our cars run. There are several important machineries that need oils. However, obtaining the raw materials of the oil is a tough job since it will be obtained several feet below the ground. One should be expert in operating the machine and safety should be considered. MWD systems or measurement while drilling systems involves several measurements and these measurements should relatively accurate to ensure safety in using the system. The advancement of the technology today paves way in making a drilling job safety. MWD is a computerized system and an operator is needed to make it work. The MWD operator needs to get familiar with these systems. If interested to know more about the job of MWD operator, then read on.

What is MWD Operator?

MWD stands for measurement while drilling; it is a system that is used to in drilling below the ground while measuring it. MWD operators are the ones who operate and monitor the measurement of the MWD system.

Duties of a MWD Operator

  • It is the duty of the MWD operator to ensure that all equipments in drilling are readily available at the site where the drilling will occur.
  • It is the duty of the MWD operator to have a proper communication with the directional driller and foreman to ensure that the requirements of the MWD are set and are ready to use.
  • Setting the required hardware that will be used in the MWD at the site is also the responsibility of MWD Operator. Checking every tool to make sure that it is working properly and to ensure that the tools to be used are safe.
  • Showing knowledge on how to manipulate MWD system. Assisting in interpreting the data of MWD.
  • Completion and submission of important paper works such as safety reports and progress of the drilling job.
  • Being updated on the new procedure and process that are associated with MWD. Preserving and acquiring knowledge on the latest technologies.
  • Establishing safety and following policies.

Work Condition of a MWD Operator

  • MWD Operators are often assigned to remote areas and might travel most of the time.
  • MWD Operator must know on how make a progress report of the job in a timely manner.
  • A good communication skill is required both written and verbal.
  • Has the capabilities of working under pressure and must know on what are the tasks that need to do first.
  • Must not be afraid of height.

Educational requirements of MWD Operator

  • MWD Operator must have finished high school and can provide high school diploma.
  • It would be of great advantage if the MWD Operator has knowledge in petroleum. Certificates or degrees in Engineering and Technology are also an advantage.

Occupation and Progress of a MWD Operator

MWD Operators are also hired for mining purposes.

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