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Oil Rig Worker Job Description

There are several jobs available in an oil rig. Understanding the job description of an oil rig worker can help you decide if this job is right for you.

What is an oil rig worker?

An oil rig worker comprises bulk of duties and responsibilities which includes management, technical drilling, security and cleaning, catering and mechanical maintenance.

Duties of an oil rig worker

  • The drill crew is an oil rig worker which is usually made up of 5 positions. The roughneck work at the bottom of the rig or the floor, mud room, machineries as well as oil rig equipments. They are responsible in operating machineries and maintaining devices. The derrickman is an oil rig worker who is responsible in operating mud room equipments like the holding pits and mud pumps. These oil rig crews are assisted by an oil rig pump man and both jobs undertake the duties of roughneck as required.
  • The assistant oil rig driller is responsible in supervising the pump man, roughneck and derrickman. They also assist the driller, who is in tasked on the drilling operation and runs the equipments.
  • The duties an oil rig pump man may differ. Pump men are responsible in monitoring their pumping stations in order to make certain that everything is operating smoothly. They also perform repair and maintenance, assemble equipments for pumping, maintain wells pressurized and drive trucks and other duties so as to keep the oil rig run smoothly.

Condition of Work

Becoming an oil rig worker entails a physically demanding work. Oil rig crews may work with long hours; require stamina under exhausting conditions which can result to fatigue ability to the person’s body.

Educational Requirements

The educational requirements of applicants depend on their position being applied. For instance, roughneck position doesn’t require any educational background while an oil rig geologist is required to obtain a college degree in any related field. Many employers require aspiring candidates to possess at least a GED, high school diploma or equivalent in order to get the position as an oil rig worker.

Occupation and Progress

Oil rig workers such as pump men, derrickman and roughneck earn a salary range of around $55,000 per annum, according to Oil Rig Jobs International. Promotions and raises are possible whenever oil rig crews perform their tasks well.

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