Training Officer Job Description

The most essential part in many different companies is providing training and development to their employees and staff. Thus, the job for a training officer plays a vital role in helping the company run smoothly. Read on for the job description of a training officer.

What is a training officer?

A training officer is a person in charge in preparing the employee of the company for new position. Training officers usually handle works in a huge array of companies and are generally members of HR or human resources department. They are responsible in interviewing and hiring employees as well as demonstrating the job and other aspects that should be performed.

Duties of a training officer

  • Training officers explain the policy of the company and the guidelines to their new employees and usually provide and write them with a handbook for their employee. The top priority of an office manager is to ensure that employees have a good grasp in their job as well as and the expectations of the company from them.
  • Training officers are responsible in instructing employees on several aspects which include the use of equipment, filing procedures, sales pitches and proper ways in greeting customers. Occasionally, a training officer writes and distributes manuals in order to assist the whole process. They may also have HR related duties and are responsible in explaining and handling benefits and paychecks as well as making certain that employees work as a team and motivating employees.
  • Training officers must have intense verbal and written communication skills. They should be well-organized, passionate and energetic about their work and must acquire a firm grasp on the company’s expectations with its employees and should be comfortable in delegating tasks.

Condition of work

Training officers are mostly employed at business industries like offices, HR departments, private companies and other facilities. They usually work in a good work environment and mostly spend their time doing administrative tasks.

Educational Requirements

There are no particular requirements in becoming a training officer. However, most companies require candidates with a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree in business management, human resources, business administration and communications.

Occupation and Progress

Jobs prospects for training officers is expected to increase by 22% from year 2008 up to 2018, according to the. Bureau of Labor Statistics or BLS in United States. Training officers usually earn a median wage of about $87,700. The salary of training officers depend greatly on the work experience earned as well as the industry where they are employed. Highest earners are obtained by training officers who are assigned in different management areas with a median wage of $93,140.

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