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Driver Job Description

A driver is someone who drives an automobile. A driver may work as a family driver, a company driver, or a personal driver. Drivers are mostly needed by hotels, to fetch some hotel and resort costumers. They are also needed by some business men who do much of travelling from one place to another. Drivers are also needed by hospitals, to transport a patient through ambulance. Drivers are also in demand for public transportation such as buses. If you know how to drive and if you think you are a responsible driver then this job is one job for you. There is a huge opportunity if you choose this job, you earn and at the same time you can freely visit to one place.

What is a driver?

A driver is someone who actually drives an automobile. Most drivers hired are males of a peace sound and mind, and with good physical capabilities. A driver protects the image or the name of his, her or its employer.

Duties of a Driver

Duties of a driver vary according to the company, employer he is working. Like for instance, if a driver is a hotel driver his responsibility is to fetch and shuttle guest from the hotel to airport and vise versa. If he is working in as a company driver, then his responsibility includes transporting different products of the company to different establishments or to different places where there is a business transaction agreement. If you are a personal or family driver then it is your responsibility to drive the family. A driver is responsible in maintaining the vehicles working condition. Sets schedule to submit it to automobile shops and let it be checked. For the fueling of the vehicle, it is the company, family, or individual duty, the driver’s responsibility is to drive safely his passenger, employer, etc.

Educational Requirements of a Driver

An application for a driver does not require a college diploma but high school diploma is preferred.

Other Requirements and Skills needed:

A driver must:

  • Present a valid state driver’s license.
  • Know how to write and speak are required.
  • Knowledge on GPS device usage is an advantage and reading map too.
  • Be excellent in communication skills.
  • Be friendly and with sense of humor and direction.

Working condition and Environment of a Driver

A driver spends most of his time inside a van, bus, or car. Some drivers may require them to wait for the guests, just incase the guests flight may be delayed. They are also expected to work patiently even trapped in the middle of a traffic jam. They are still expected to work on poor weather condition.

Driver’s Salary

For a start, a driver earns 9 USD to 10 USD per hour. They can also accept any tip from guests. But some employers do not permit some of their drivers to accept any tip.

If you like to become a driver, there are lots of benefits and advantages you can actually get. It is not impossible for you to have a better life, a driver just needs to be efficient in his driving and keep his passenger’s safe at all times. You must put into your mind that you are expected to do your tasks. One thing too, when we say “safe” driving, this actually means that you must not drive if you are drunk. You have to become responsible of your actions and decisions too.

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