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Dump Truck Driver Job Description

Construction is an indication of progress. With it brings jobs, business opportunities not just for the establishments that will be made but also for the community where it will be placed. For the construction to transpire, there are a lot of work to be done. People may tend to miss out that the construction workers give great service in the progress of a society. Some may be annoyed at the thought of additional traffic caused by those huge trucks that bring materials to the site but without them, growth in the community will be slow. Behind these huge trucks are skilled dump truck drivers to operate them.

What is a Dump Truck Driver?

A Dump Truck Driver is a professional driver who can handle large trucks particularly the dump truck. He is responsible for transporting various loose materials which includes sand and gravel, rocks, coal and paving materials among others. Such hauling and dumping of raw materials from one place to another are necessary for construction companies, trucking companies and road repairs.

Duties of a Dump Truck Driver

  • A dump truck is needed to transfer raw materials to make a project possible; be it a building, a road or other infrastructure that necessitates the use of large trucks to convey such materials. The dump truck driver is necessary to operate such truck and is in charge of the overall well being of the vehicle and himself as well. A dump truck driver is sometimes overlooked as something menial but this kind of job demands great skill and tough form to endure such hard labor.
  • A dump truck driver operates the dump truck to move raw materials from one site to another.
  • A dump truck driver needs to have a strong body as he is obliged to haul materials to the dump truck manually or with the use of a machine. He is also compelled to keep the truck’s condition with proper maintenance and cleaning.
  • A dump truck driver must be greatly familiar with the safety regulations not just of the company he works with but of the general safety laws as well. And he must be able to follow such rules and regulations imposed.
  • This kind of driving requires the driver to be a professional in his skill. He must have and maintain a clean driving record.
  • It is important that the dump truck driver is a prompt employee. His job entails schedules to follow so he must be able to work within the timetable to make all other jobs be finished on time.

Work Condition of a Dump Truck Driver

As the dump truck driver carries natural materials, he is usually exposed to dust. From the site where the materials are from to the site he is going to deliver them, dust is everywhere. Even the road he may be taking is full of dust as he can only travel local roads and not on freeways. This kind of job may start early in the morning and can stretch up to early in the evening to meet deadlines of the construction or renovation project.

A dump truck driver does not only need to be strong but must have good coordination skills in manipulating the bed to dump the materials to the place where it is needed. He also needs to be alert as he is not the only big truck that works in a construction site. Furthermore, good understanding of using angles to position the bed of the truck properly to dump materials.

Educational Requirements of a Dump Truck Driver

To become a dump truck driver only requires high school education. But to be hired, one must have the necessary training like the Professional Truck Driver Training certificate course. A Commercial Driver’s License is also a requirement for a dump truck driver.

Occupation and Progress of a Dump Truck Driver

Landing a job as a dump truck driver may depend on a project to project basis. In a big company, a dump truck driver may become the fleet manager of trucks while progress in a small company may be slow as there are only few positions to be filled. If the dump truck driver owns his own trucking services, then he can have the opportunity of expanding his business and hiring other drivers to work for him.

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