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LGV Driver Job Description

Anyone of us needs a sufficient job to support our needs. But only few was lucky enough to get a job. Almost all the companies around the world don’t have space for new workers. But there are still simple jobs out there that can still provide what we need. One of this is this so called LGV Driver.

What is a LGV Driver?

The responsible for transporting or delivering goods among suppliers and the costumers are the LGV Driver. Also known as Large Goods Vehicle Driver. The LGV driver will have to deliver over 7.5 tonnes which includes rigid trucks, tankers, transportes, trailer wagons and articulated lorries.

Duties of LGV Driver

Other than driving, the Large Goods Vehicle driver have yo carry out some tasks. They plan the routes and delivery schedule with the transport managers. Supervises the delivery of goods. Making sure the goods are safe. Change the route if it’s inescapable. Complete log books and paperworks about the delivery.

They may also deal with routine maintenance such as the tyres, oils and brake cheaks before and after every transporting or delivery.

Working Condition of a LGV Driver

Large Goods Vehicle Driver will conventionally works from 40 to 45 hours a week. There might be overnight be offered, conversely, there are severe rules and regulations concerning the hours expended by the LGV driver on driving between rest breaks. LGV Drivers spent much time away from family and might include overnight stays. Much of the time you spend is on the road. LGV Driver will drive day or night. Drives whether it rains or shine.

Educational Requirements of a LGV Driver

An applicant should have a LGV licence. There are certain requirements to get a LGV license. They must be good in Math and English to be able to pass the LGV theory test. Must be 18 years old or older for them to hold a licence. Their sense of sight must be good. Had to pass a medical examination as a part of the LGV test. Skills and knowledge needed of a LGV Driver which are: They must enjoy driving and had an excellent driving skills. Can work alone and had an ability to consent for a long time. Must be polite to the customers when loading or unloading goods. Understands safety and traffic rules. Can complete paperworks and paperworks accurately. Must be physically fit to work with loads. There are many ways to get a LGV license. If your already working for a transport operator, they can train you. But if your not employed by any operator, you could go to a driving training school.

Occupation and Progress of a LGV Driver

Due to crisis around the globe, the prices of the products are gettings higher. But the salary of a LGV driver is also getting higher. It is one of the indemand work abroad. LGV Can work anywhere around the globe especially the experienced one with category C+E licences. LGV Drivers working for any distributor could progress themselves into self-imployment operating their own. And after a very hard work, they can perhaps eventually own a fleet.

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