Over Road Driver Job Description


  • Pick up, transport and deliver goods to places for extended period of time and over long distances through driving any tractor-trailer combinations in.
  • Ensure the delivery of goods and materials efficiently on the designated time and date with all the delivery documents needed.
  • Conducts regular thorough inspection and maintenance of vehicle before taking it on the road to ensure safe and successful travel and to keep vehicle in condition.
  • Understand and follow all travel instructions oral or written given by the company.
  • Safely operate tractor equipments of different configurations with varying weights allowed by law under certain conditions and speed limits in a certain places.
  • Communicate and report all incidents encountered along the trip with the travel dispatch operator to give the person update about the delivery.
  • Keep a running log that records daily work tasks, problems encountered accidents that driver is involved and the basic condition of the vehicle.
  • Follow all regulations imposed by the Department of Transportation.

Working Condition

  • Drivers spend their life on their trucks when they are on travel.
  • They are usually away from their homes and family for trip which may take many days or even weeks. Some companies allow couples to drive together.
  • They sleep, eat at a café or chat with other drivers during their brake periods.
  • A driver is allowed to drive 70 hours in 8 days and is allowed a maximum of 8 hour break after driving 10 consecutive hours.
  • They must fight sleepiness and stay awake and active during hours of driving to stay away from accidents.
  • The driver’s destination depends on his company and the type of goods to be transported.

Educational requirements

At least a high school diploma or any equivalent is required for eligibility in over the road truck driving. The important thing is to be able to drive, read and write. Experience on safe driving is a must and of course must have a valid commercial driver’s license and be physically fit.

Occupation and Progress

Truck drivers are given large responsibilities of transporting goods worth great amount of money from one point to another. The operation of some businesses depends on the success of the travel of these on the road truck drivers. On the road drivers are usually paid by the miles that they travel. Commercial establishments and business populations grows rapidly which means more opportunities to open for truck drivers since the job does not necessarily require a bachelor’s degree or any sort of formal education. Even though most working conditions of a truck driver are stressful, the good thing is that you can travel and explore many different places and get to meet different kind of people as well.

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