Airline Stewardess Job Description

Ever dreamed of working while boarding a plane and travelling to different countries? Or do you have that genial aura in talking to people? Then this job perfectly suits you. We are talking about you becoming an Airline Stewardess. Does it sound interesting? Let us read and see what this job has to offer for you.

Airline Stewardess Defined

Airline stewardess has a main responsibility in taking good care of air passengers all throughout their flight towards their destinations. Most of the airline companies require completion of secondary education for employment. But, nowadays, there is a growing requirement of airlines to have a college degree and work experience which deals in interpersonal communication skills.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • There are various duties and responsibilities of an airline stewardess. Before the actual flight, the captain or pilot of the plane is going to inform the flight details to them which include expected weather conditions, length of the flight, and emergency evacuation methods. When the crew and passengers are already on board, the stewardesses will have to make sure that every passenger is secured in their individual seats and have their seatbelts on before the takeoff. Once the flight has started, stewardesses are required to assist passengers by serving foods and giving of additional blankets, pillows, and reading materials. Moreover, airline stewardesses are the ones who serve the meals and drinks of passengers. Once they have reached the ground, it is also their responsibility that passengers would conform to the safe and orderly process of disembarking.
  • Part of the job of a stewardess is that they should learn how to work independently without constant supervision and should also work harmoniously with her or his co-workers. They should be able to maintain the performance standards, established procedures, and guarantee compliance with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Regulations. As mentioned earlier, they are also responsible for preparing and serving the numerous meals and beverages. They can likewise sell liquors, headsets, and duty – free items.
  • The characteristics of an airline stewardess require them to relay clear and friendly communication to all passengers on board, ensuring safety and comfort, assisting with the boarding process, monitoring activities of passenger and preparing the cabin for emergency purposes.

Work Requirements

  • Before, airlines only require a high school diploma to be eligible for employment as flight stewardess. But the trend is changing now as more airline companies require applicants to obtain a college degree and proper FAA certification. A degree in communication is preferred as the main job of an airline stewardess focuses on constant contact with passengers, therefore, he or she must have an excellent communication skills.
  • To be an air stewardess, you should have a valid passport and be able to work on flexible schedules that may include nights and weekends.
  • Specific requirements include that you have a minimum height of 5’2’, 21 years of age, high school or college diploma, 2 years customer service related experience, and he or she must pass the background check.

Employment and Salary

Employment of an air stewardess depends on the economy, whether it is stable or strong. If the economy is weak, the stewardesses would not be assured of consistent work. The job also has many applicants which creates a tight competition considering the fact that there are less jobs or employment. However, those who obtained a college degree have better chances to be hired. The annual median salary of an airline stewardess is roughly around $54,000.

It is always good to check the background details of this job especially if you are considering becoming one. Just stay focused and be patient because it will all be worth it.

Degrees and Training to Become an Airline Stewardess

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