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Flight Attendant Job Description

Air hosting as a flight attendant is a very thrilling job. You get to work and at the same time travel around the world, going to amazing places you have never been. Basically, it comprises the flight attendant, air stewardess and cabin crew. So, if you are the type of person who is adventurous then this job can be a good choice for you.

What is an Air Hostess or Flight Attendant?

Air Hostess or also known as a flight stewardess or fight attendant is one of the most demanding professions these days. They enjoy the luxury of travelling. Air hostess is one important crew of an airline. With the aid of these air hostesses, they are the one’s who maintains a happy trip among passengers. If you are interested to be one of the air hostess team, this information will help you to clarify yourself.

Duties of an Flight Attendant

  • Air Hostess guarantees safety and comfort of their passengers.
  • They are responsible for disseminating or informing their passengers on the in-flight rules and regulations.
  • Before to any flight, the pilot meets his attendants or crew to do briefing and goes over the flight plan. The air hostess is expected to attend to the pilot’s briefing plan actions accordingly.
  • Air hostess confirm that emergency tools or equipment like first aid kit and complete and available.
  • An air hostess also is responsible for checking some supplies in the plane like pillows, blanket, beverages which might be needed by the passenger during flight.
  • An air hostess provides refreshments, reading materials and etc.
  • They also check tickets as the passengers board the plane.
  • They assist in finding the passenger’s seats.
  • Help their passengers with their seat belts and the proper position of the chair for take.

Work Condition of a Flight Attendant

Air Hostess or Flight attendants are away from their homes. They have unbalanced working hours. Most of them are working still on holidays or weekends. Shifting hours may last up to 14 hours for domestic flights and it can take longer for international flights. For their allowances and hotels, the airline where they are working caters it all. They spend more of their time traveling. The weather may be good or bad (if not advice to take off) they will work.

Educational Requirement of a Flight Attendant

  • A minimum educational qualification to become an air hostess is a high school diploma but college degree is much preferred.
  • A degree in mass communication is an edge also for becoming an air hostess.
  • Air hostess requirements comprise FAA official recognition which is obligatory for all the flight attendants.
  • You can get your FAA certification, if you have completed the training contents such as providing first aid, dealing with terrorism scenes, dealing with fire and water endurance and knowing how to successfully operate the emergency materials or equipments.
  • Qualities like good communication skills, fluent English speaking; knowing some foreign languages, decent and respectful behavior is a must for a hostess.
  • Is mentally and physically well to work and handle emergency situations.

Flight Attendant Salary

The annual median salary of an airline stewardess is roughly around $54,000. They can also have additional bonuses. They are provided with accommodations by the airlines as you will be travelling. You can also receive benefits on health, perks, and life insurances.

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