Over the Road Truck Driver Job Description

The retail and commercial industry transport their products from plant sites to their retailers and customers and most economical, businesslike and secure way to travel the goods is through over the road trucking. It takes the driver long hours of hauling to move tankers, rigs, flat beds, trailers and 18 wheeler trucks and get the materials and goods for transport reach destination after long distance drive. With the aide of GPS and computerized tracking technologies, over the truck drivers finds reroute to constructions and delivery sites with definite mapping to reach the correct address promptly.

What is an Over the Road Truck Driver?

They are Truck drivers who travel over the road and paid for their time and mileage which is subjected to the Hours of Service Regulations of the United States Department of Transportation. They travel freight to specific address using over the road trucks, far distance, day and night to make sure they reach destination in timely manner.

Duties of an Over the Road Truck Driver

The fundamental responsibility of the Over the Road Driver is to maneuver several tractor-trailer combinations for stretched duration of time, over long distances terminals between yards or work sites, and company/customer facilities, transport and deliver freight which include loading and unloading of the goods undamaged, punctual, and efficient manner. To attain this goal a driver must execute the following:

  • They need to Log books record thousands of miles, hours, and costs he incurred during his trip and ensure that all necessary shipping credentials come along with all deliveries. Included in the paper logs should be inventory of goods from pick up to unloading area and note all overages, damages or shortages incurred.
  • The driver must comply with all federal, state, and local regulations for the secure and safe operation of a commercial motor vehicle (CMV) in performing his duties
  • Inspect the truck and all equipment involve is safe for travel according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and the company standards and report defects and condition of the tractor, incidents , accidents during and after trips including trip hazards like weather conditions and environmental factors that may have undesirable effects to the freight.
  • It is also the task of the driver to manage the installation and removal of the chains and keeping the trailers clean.

Work Condition of an Over the Road Truck Driver

Over the road truck drivers spend almost all their time on road. Risk such as high blood pressure, stress, and other factors concerning diet and health is very common. Fatigue is a killer in this profession because this causes sleepiness, blurry vision that should not occur during driving and loss of concentration which will eventually take the driver’s attention out of road and even risk lives to accidents. The U.S. Department of Transportation law implies the driver must take enough sleep per driving hours and distance travelled. Apart from being away from home most of the days, truck drivers are even quoted as bad guys or cowboys of the highways. So they need a tough heart to endure loneliness and patience to those who may trigger road and traffic violations.

Educational Requirements of Over the Road Truck Driver

There isn’t any primary academic requirement to become an OTR driver. As long as the driver can read, and write in fair English (for reporting purposes), of legal age, and has met requirements stated below, you can work as an OTR Driver.

  • Commercial Drivers’ License (CDL) and that includes driver’s ability to interpret traffic signs.
  • he driver must comply with all requisites and full knowledge of the US Department of Transportation FMCSA (Parts 383 and 39) rules, regulations governing safe driving, hours of service, inspection and maintenance of equipment.
  • Must have technical knowledge in operating a Commercial Motor Vehicle including maintenance of all the equipment that comprises the entire transport activity.

Occupation and Progress of an Over the Road Truck Driver

History and trends shows no advancement to the OTR Truck Drivers aside from increase in pay. This mainly depend to the company they work for. If they are employed by mid-sized industries, then it is considerably lower pay they could expect compared to those employed by multi-national companies. With gained experience in OTR driving, these workers get to better paying companies.

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