Tour Guide and Escort Job Description

The function of Tour Guides and Escorts is to escort individuals or groups on sightseeing tours or through places of interest, such as industrial establishments, public buildings and art galleries.

Primary Objectives:

  • Tour Guides often conduct educational activities for school children.

  • Tour Guides escort individuals or groups on sightseeing tours when they are on vacation.

  • Tour Guides work aboard a cruise ship escorting people on tours or special activities.

  • Tour Guides are responsible for the behavior of many people and their safety.

Many Tour Guides escort groups through industrial buildings, public buildings, or places like art galleries. It is now very important that tour guides are trained in first aide and safety rules. When the tour guide conducts their tours they must have knowledge of the site so that they can answer questions ask by the tourists. The Tour Guide must also monitor the activities of the visitors in order to ensure compliance with establishment or tour regulations and safety practices. The Tour Guide will greet and register any visitors, providing them with required identification, badges or safety devices if needed. The Tour Guide will inform the visitor if they are suppose to do things like turn off their cell phones.

The Tour Guide will distribute brochures, show audiovisual presentations when provided and/or explain the establishment’s processes and operations of tour sites. When the establishment provides their own Tour Guide the Escort will work with the onsite Tour Guide helping to provide information to the visitors and answering questions. Many industrial buildings provide the visitor with masks or other safety equipment for their protection and the Tour Guide must make sure that all visitors are wearing the equipment while they are in the danger zones. Many times a tour is given to Visitors who are working on a special project to help them understand how the manufacturing process works. They maybe supervisors, marketing personnel, scientists, human resources, or a variety of other diplomats with an interest in the company

Schools often take students on tours to museums, art galleries and other places of interest using the service of Tour Guides to help explain to the students about what they are touring. Many Tour Guide Services provide people who are very familiar with things of interest so that they can explain the things on display in one of the interesting sites for students. It is very important that the Tour Guide is able to explain displays, pictures, information about fish if they are touring an aquarium etc. The Tour Guide normally needs to be capable of explaining the exhibits, knowing where the bathrooms are, and also where visitors can find refreshments. Many times the visitors who are out for the whole day will want to eat lunch in or near the place that they are touring. The Tour Guide must be familiar with the surrounding areas in order to help visitors find things of interest and of need. The Tour Guide must be able to plan expeditions, instruction, and commentary is appropriate. The Tour Guide provides information about wildlife varieties and habitats, as well as any relevant regulations, such as those pertaining to hunting and fishing. The Tour Guide must collect fees and tickets from group members to present to the gate keeper or person in charge. The Tour Guide teaches skills, such as proper climbing methods, and demonstrates and advises on the use of equipment. The Tour Guide inspects the equipment of the people who they are about to do the climbing with.

When a Tour Guide is taking a group scuba diving they must teach them how to use the equipment and make sure that the air tanks are full before they start diving in the water. Often the Tour Guide will make arrangements for the transportation to the place where they will be diving. The Tour Guide must also make sure that the divers know about the exotic fish and what is dangerous in the water. It is very important that whatever a Tour Guide leads their group to do that all safety measures are taken not only with equipment but also with training to the person (s) who they are working with on the excursion.

Degrees and Training to Become a Tour Guide and Escort

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