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Lawn Service Job Description

It is never easy keeping your lawn attractive and beautiful. Lawns are more than just grass and dirt. It serves as an appealing extension to your home, your escape and your innate connection to nature. When it is green and thick, it tempts you to remove your shoes, lie down on your back and loosen yourself out with its simple perfection.

What is a lawn service?

A lawn service brings expertise towards meeting the needs of your lawn to keep it at its best. They offer services to make certain that your lawn achieves exact treatments needed all along the season. Most of large lawn service companies employ different set of workers like people working in the office, salespeople found in field, technicians and crew managers.

Duties of a lawn service

  • A lawn service comprises different categories of employees. Lawn service technicians have an important role in operating a lawn care business. Their job includes monitoring the quality of landscaping, preventing and controlling weeds. They are also responsible in mowing, edging, laying mulch down, trimming shrubs and small tress, keeping the lawn free from pests, insects and debris that are blown off the walking areas.
  • Landscapers are responsible in planning the layout of the lawn, plant different kinds of ornamental plants, shrubs and flowers in order to create a great and pleasing design. They serve as the artists and architects of the lawn by using a wide variety of natural elements soil, brick and stone to create various shapes and beds. They also enhance the design of landscaping through creating elevations or installing water designs and features.
  • Groundskeepers are in-charge in large properties such as or athletic field or golf course. Their foremost responsibilities include keeping high-traffic grass green, clean and healthy and with the use of proper fertilizers and chemicals to keep the lawn grass mowed for even heights.

Condition of work

Lawn services usually cater a golf course. Lawn care services are mostly employed at any lawn care companies.

Educational Requirements

Entering in a field as lawn care service doesn’t require a degree in education. However, most employers require candidates with prior work experience as a landscaper or a gardener. Training certificates from any lawn care programs are also accepted if needed.

Condition of work

A lawn care service is part of a skilled work career. According to the US, Bureau of Labor and Statistics, job prospects as lawn service provider is expected to increase by 7% between 2008 up to year 2019.

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