Production Designer Job Description

by Publishing Team on November 5, 2010

The overall character of the set, make- up, props and wardrobe depends on the Production Designer.

Primary Objectives:

  • The Production Designer sets up the location of the production and creates the set.
  • The Production Designer illustrates the potential set looks like through storyboarding.
  • Once the construction of the set has commenced, the Production Designer supervises the work of the art department.

Basic design expertise is a must for a Production Designer. Most Production Designers have degrees in environmental design or architecture. An experience in designing theatrical sets is also a plus. Excellent communication skills must also be possessed by a Production Designer as he must communicate well the ideas in his head and must precisely explain them to those who will build the design.

The visual aspect of the production is the main responsibility of the Production Designer. The Production Designer reads the scripts and then afterwards come up with a visual style that will give the production a particular atmosphere. This visual style aids in film creation. The Production Designer designs and develops the props, camera angles, lighting and costumes. During storyboarding, the Production Designer and the director give inspiration to each other. The Production Designer sketches the sets or the studio and identifies potential locations and studios. The director lets the Production Designer what he should draw and the Production Designer also contributes his own ideas in the illustration. Once the Production Designer has organized his designs for the production, he presents his ideas to the other people involved in the productions like the actors and the camera operators. He then hires and manages art department teams to help him put this ideas into a real production. The Production Manager instructs and monitors the work of the art departments and the scenic artists. The Production Designer plans and monitors the budget for the whole production design. The Production Designer also researches historical information, background politics and art history.

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