NPI Manager Job Description

by Publishing Team on April 27, 2011

Part of every business scheme is to produce new products for the business. And once new products are created it is oversees by New Product Implementation Manager. Get to know this nature of work and you might want to handle the new products that your business may have.

What is NPI Manager?

NPI or New Product Implementation Manager handles the NPI Department in a company. They are responsible for new product implementation and ensure that it will satisfy the company’s customers. Part of the manager’s daily tasks is to prepare the cost estimate and the budget for the NPI project and the whole department too. They offer the best solution that will cater the needs of the customer while making sure that the company will be productive and can save a lot in the process. They too will coordinate with the customers regarding new product specifications and features. They work together with the Engineering, Production and other Department.

Duties of a NPI Manager

NPI Manager performs the following duties:

  1. They facilitate the product launching and making it known to the customers.
  2. They keep updated with production of new products from project planning to its production.
  3. They evaluate the products review given by the customers.
  4. They ensure that product schedules are followed during its development.
  5. They work closely with other department from Manufacturing, Quality Assurance, Logistics, Planning and others.
  6. They work with other team who are involved in product development.
  7. They negotiate with manufacturers and suppliers to meet the company and customer’s expectations.
  8. They make project cost estimates including the resources, capital and other requirements to make the project successful.
  9. They conduct meetings with suppliers to improve the new products.

Work Condition of a NPI Manager

NPI Manager works in modern offices but they spent most of their time away from their desk and they go more often in the production site where new products are being developed. NPI Manager are usually onsite where they visit the engineering department, checking on the production staff and looking for any problems along the production process.

Educational Requirements of a NPI Manager

NPI Manager needs to have a bachelor degree in electrical engineering, management and other related course. An added experience on project management, logistics and supply chain is a major plus in becoming a NPI Manager. They too need to be responsible too in telecom, engineering and management tasks. And more importantly is quite comprehensible in technical documents such as project drawings, engineering specifications and others.

Occupation and Progress of a NPI Manager

NPI Manager can further their career to becoming a NPI senior manager if they good in their field. Other career path that they can take is becoming Program Manager and Project Manager. As they deal with a lot of people every day they need to communicate well with them. They are also well compensated in their chosen field thus there will be a growing need as NPI Manager in the company.

Becoming a NPI Manager is crucial to the success of the business and company. If new products produce better and positive results in the customers then this means more productivity and additional income for the company. Thus as a NPI Manager if you wish too, you need to be keen in every product detail in the company.

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