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Median Volunteer Coordinator Job Description

Most non-profit organizations have various jobs needed to be done. For their organization to run smoothly and be an effective contributor to a community, volunteers are asked to offer their talents and abilities to make the organization a success. And for the volunteers to know what to do in their voluntary work, the median volunteer coordinator is there to lead them in their way.

What is a Median Volunteer Coordinator?

A Median Volunteer Coordinator is someone who is an expert in the field of volunteerism wherein he is able to manage all the volunteering elements of an organization.

Duties of a Median Volunteer Coordinator

  • A Median Volunteer Coordinator is involved in the effective and efficient flow of an organization. He is responsible for the management of volunteers wherein he sees to it that they do their assigned tasks satisfactorily and they can work well with the people they come in contact with whether the volunteers, employees and clients or members of the organization.
  • A Median Volunteer Coordinator is responsible for conducting meetings with the volunteers of the organization to discuss upcoming activities and current needs.
  • It is the duty of a Median Volunteer Coordinator to maintain a database for all volunteers wherein all duties and hours work are recorded. It is also important to note the volunteers who participated exemplary and may have receive an award or gift certificate for such great work.
  • A Median Volunteer Coordinator must be able to create reports to be submitted to the management of the organization and also include recommendations that will be beneficial to the volunteer program.

Work Condition of a Median Volunteer Coordinator

A Median Volunteer Coordinator usually works in a non-profit organization. His work environment may be in an office but it also depends on the nature of the organizations he works for. As most non-profit organizations have projects or activities, a median volunteer coordinator also works out of the office and perform hands-on tasks for projects to be a success. His working hours may vary and can involve working long hours and weekend work.

This job may not compensate for a high salary but the job satisfaction is high and the person wanting to land this position must have the heart of service. He must have good communications skills both in written and oral and can adjust to the different people that they work with and they meet along the way. The ability to work under pressure and detail-oriented are also required as projects need to be accomplished and completed. This job entails a many conversations with the volunteers, so he must have a positive attitude to influence the volunteers to do their work well.

Educational Requirements of a Median Volunteer Coordinator

The minimum educational requirement to be a Median Volunteer Coordinator is a high school diploma or GED but with extensive experience. To have the advantage, a Median Volunteer Coordinator must have a college degree in any course but to have an edge, preferred courses are in business, education, human resource management and social work.

Occupation and Progress of a Median Volunteer Coordinator

This kind of job is growing in popularity so to have a better chance of getting this position, continuing education to postgraduate courses may be the next step to take although experience in volunteering is typically preferred. Some may desire to work in international organizations and work in other countries and become part of a team of volunteers that can change a community for the better.

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