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MWD LWD Engineer Job Description

Oil has a value that is tantamount to that of Gold. Since the uncertainty of the peace situation in the gulf, so many other oil companies are into the lookout for other locations to open up drilling sites. As a result specialists are being hired to handle the complex work of oil drilling.

What is a MWD LWD Engineer?

A MWD LWD Engineer is referred to as an engineer who makes use of the Logging while drilling tools such as the Measurement while drilling system. This profession pertains to oil drilling system.

Duties of a MWD LWD Engineer

  • A MWD LWD Engineer is responsible for drawing up and devising well programs to prevent breakdown exploration.
  • A MWD LWD Engineer is responsible for evaluating materials to be used for the different drilling processes.
  • A MWD LWD Engineer is responsible for giving support in terms of the technical details of the materials to be used in the system. He is also responsible for evaluating the materials and the processes used.
  • He is responsible for performing engineering investigations of well programs.
  • A MWD LWD Engineer is responsible for approximation and scrutiny of all costs involved.
  • He is also responsible for expanding the business in terms of his relationship with other merchants.

Work condition of a MWD LWD Engineer

A MWD LWD Engineer works for an Oil drilling company or a private drilling company service. He works on the actual drilling site, using several engineering technological programs as well. He may work with other specialists such as geologists, scientists and other engineers to ensure proper facilitation of the drilling process. Generally drilling sites are located in several land and offshore locations and the engineers and other specialists are being brought in from different areas. As such an MWD LWD Engineer may see the need to travel for this job. He is expected to be physically fit as well since this job requires not only knowledge but the resilience to accomplish hard work.

Educational Requirements of a MWD LWD Engineer

  • A MWD LWD Engineer must have completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental, Mechanical, Electrical, Petroleum, Chemical or Civil Engineering.
  • There are also several certifications that an MWD LWD Engineer has to pass to be eligible for the job. He must also have a valid Driver’s License.

Occupation and Progress of a MWD LWD Engineer

Oil, together with food and water may be considered as one of the most important commodities in the world. Currencies and the value of things rapidly change with the demand and supply of oil. Businesses pertaining to oil are expanding in several key locations because of its demand. As a result specialists such as the MWD LWD Engineers are being picked out specifically to handle the drilling program. Engineers who may have had an experience working for different types of industry in engineering may be able to demand for higher pay grade. At present a MWD LWD Engineer receives $83, 0000 to $100, 000 annually. This position also has possibilities for promotion to higher positions.

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