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Desktop Support Technician Job Description

As our modern technologies are upgrading nowadays, people tend to acquire these technologies to gather information for research or operation system of some companies and organizations. One of these technologies are the used of computers. It may be a personal computers or organization computers. As these technologies were very useful, oftentimes, it also encounters several problems.

PC support technicians are the one you were looking for to provide assistance regarding these problems or operations you need to know in handling your computers.

What is a PC Support Technician?

The PC support technicians are the one who were responsible for troubleshooting, maintain, install, repairs and modifies personal computer’s hardware and software. They will be the one that will provide technical assistance and support to the users and customers.

Duties of a PC Support Technician

  • The technician’s responsibility includes building or configuring new hardware, installing and updating software.
  • They repairs personal computers, organization computers and servers to keep it operational.
  • A computer technician creates and maintains computer networks by running diagnostic programs which enable to resolve computer problems.
  • Support technician gathers data in order to assess the needs of the customer and used all these information to assess system of network requirements.
  • They specializes server or telecommunication repair, system administration, data recovery, programmer or information systems.
  • These technicians repair problems such that incorrect settings, viruses, spyware, and replaces hardware or the entire operating system.

Work Condition of a PC Support Technician

PC support technicians work either in employing organizations that are using computer systems to secure their daily operations. They will be the most important employee that keeps the tool of the organization operational. By monitoring and maintaining the computer system of the company, they can assure a good service and full operations. Smaller companies consider the fact that hiring a full time-PC support technicians is cost effective than to take risk for the downfall of their organization due to incompetent operational system. They also work for help desk or support service firms.

Educational Requirement of a PC Support Technician

The general requirement of companies in hiring PC support technicians is a degree in COMPUTER SCIENCE or INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY. There are jobs for computer support that requires Associate’s degree or certificates. It includes, Computer Repair, Computer Support, and others.

Occupation and Progress of a PC Support Technician

PC support technician contributes large support in some companies for ensuring their computer systems operational. Training certificates and experienced are relevant in order to progress to this kind of job. As a support technician, one must possess a strong analytical and problem solving attitude or skills. Enhance skill by acquiring new ideas through training in order to improve your ability towards maintaining and resolving computer problems.

After gaining experienced on working one may able to specialize regarding computer support to increase the chance of employment and productivity. As the social community rises together with the evolution of higher technology, there is a greater need of computer support technicians for they will be the one responsible in maintaining computer facilities especially in fast growing organizations. They can be a great help in acquiring new ideas of computer users by supporting their needs. A dedication to the work is a must in order for an individual to succeed and progress.

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