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Online Professor Job Description

As technology advances, many gadgets and equipments are being discovered. Nowadays, many people are using computer in order to make life easier, meaningful and faster. Due to the high demands of computer services, people can now work in their homes with their computers. Because of this, education is one of the most benefited institutions in this transformation. Online professors are teachers inside the computer. They are teaching students through online chat. Examinations and Discussions are done through computer.

What is an Online Professor?

Online professors are professors who teach and communicate students through computer. Discussion and examinations are also done through computer. They are also responsible in assisting the students in achieving their completion of objectives and learning outcomes. They also maintain and report student’s attendance and grade in accordance with university policies. They also participate in school retention initiatives by maintaining the productive contact with the students and also by getting involve with offering assistance to students that are absent.

Duties of an Online Professor

  • An online professor is responsible in creating a curriculum, setting up quizzes, and assigning homework. They also need to tailor their coursework in order to accommodate the different types of technology tools that will be used in the class.
  • They also combine the common learning tools like handouts and books, with online tools like video and online media presentations, chat rooms, and message boards.
  • They also teach materials from the approved curriculum in the accordance of assigned schedule to ensure the student’s satisfaction. They are also responsible in motivating the students in order to be actively participates in different aspects of the educational process.

Work Conditions of an Online Professor

An online professor is usually working in their homes. Sometimes they are provided internet connection in their houses. Overtime is also required especially when he/she is assigned to teach a student that is going to take an examinations or entrance tests.

Educational Requirements of an Online Professor

To become an online professor, one must have a PhD and at least 18 graduate hours in the field of teaching. The applicant must also have a degree and must be from institution that is accredited by agency that is also recognized by the Department of Education. He/she must have proficiency in MS office, internet and blackboard. He/she must be able to maintain and obtain licenses that are accredited by the commissions. They also have the skills like superior interpersonal, presentation, communication, and customer service.

Occupation and Progress of an Online Professor

Most of the online professors are building their own businesses. Some of them choose to teach in different universities and colleges. People who are in this position prefer to build their online schools for students in far places.

Historical achievements and success are just a step away from excellence. It all depends on your determination and diligence to achieve excellence and success in your chosen field. If you field is in teaching, then you probably choose this promising path as your life changing career.

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