Obstetrician Job Description

The biggest concern for most women and their family members is to have a normal and healthy pregnancy. However, there are some who face various health problems and complications. Thus, the need for obstetrician is crucial to alleviate any physical ailments that these women are experiencing.

What is obstetrician?

Obstetricians are doctors in a specialized field that mainly deals with caring for women, throughout the whole process of pregnancy and child birth.

Duties of obstetrician

  • Assessing, diagnosing and treating various pregnancy problems are the most crucial responsibilities of being an obstetrician.
  • Further, their work also deals with monitoring the patient’s health and whole period of pregnancy and providing regular consultation of their patient for a better healthcare.
  • Most obstetricians are also trained in gynecology; they usually advise their patient regarding their reproductive system, counsel patients on methods of birth control and other diseases like breast and cervical cancers. Obstetricians are also responsible in explaining the tests related in pregnancy along with discussing the various results.
  • Obstetricians also carry out cesarean sections if needed and other procedures so as to make sure that safe delivery and healthy status of the patient is well-maintained.
  • Obstetricians deal with problems in fetal health and pregnancies belonging to high-risk and provide counseling on patients regarding their current status. They also refer patients to other specialist if an advance or aggravate cases are involved.
  • Other duties include maintaining adequate medical records of patients for future use/reference and preserving the patient’s medical history.

Conditions of work

Obstetricians are employed in many healthcare and medical facilities including hospitals with labor and delivery departments and private clinics. They are also expected to work in long hours especially when there are vast patients on their clinics.

Educational Requirements

In order to become an obstetrician, the foremost requirement is pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree, followed by a completion of about 4 years in medical college along with 1 year internship. A residency program is also required as it deals in studying obstetrics. The residency program may lasts for about 4-6 years and a certification and license from the state and medical board should be successfully achieved.

Occupation and Progress

Becoming an obstetrician leads a person towards a rewarding and well-paid career. The expected median wage range from USD 198,000 – USD 280,000 with an average annual salary of USD 235,000 – USD 240,000. Salary range will also increase with more work experience.

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